Pardon me. A serious post today. Your thoughts are solicited.


There are many things that are adjacent to spanking. Spanking is the main course for some of us and for others it is tangential. So if a man wants to spank a woman until she cries is he really saying he is turned-on by tears?

Tears are no turn-off for people with dacryphilia. Some dacryphilics are sexual sadists turned on by the humiliation factor of seeing someone in tears. Others simply find the sight or sound of crying arousing, or find the emotional release and comfort appealing.

Dacryphilia is truly unusual, at least for men. A 2011 study found that the scent of tears decreases both testosterone and sexual desire in males.

6 thoughts on “Dacryphilia”

  1. My Mother used tears to get her way with my Dad like spending money he really did not have on things that she wanted like antiques.

    Hope someone will ring in about the other side, tears as a turn on.

  2. Not something that excites me, I think. I have enjoyed watching some spanking vids where the girl comes to tears but I think it was the facial expression more than the tears that excited me.

  3. Agree Michael. I have heard/read men say that would spank her until cries. That worries me. There are women who want to cry for release. That is one thing. The other smells of brutality to me. Yes, I know some men want to be spanked until they cry. Fine go for it. This is all so puzzling to me.

  4. There are women who want to be spanked to the point of tears in order for a full emotional release. This is their preference.

    For some men spanking a woman to tears can be the climax of the spanking knowing that a point has been made, a lesson learned and now it is time for comforting.

    It all depends on the situation and people involved. Honestly in my experience at times spanking my partner to tears has had different results. On some occasions the moment the tears rolled, my instincts took over and I stopped to comfort and console. Other times there was a sense of gratification in the effective punishment and simultaneous arousal.

    Seeing a woman in true utter dismay is not a turn-on however. In the same way I do not enjoy seeing extreme spanking images that look brutal or abusive in my opinion.

    All best summoned up by what like to say about our fetishes, it is all a fine line – jagged and curved as it may be.

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