More Women On Stairs

I found a few more pictures of women on stairs with implements of ass destruction. Could it be that they are going to paddle a man? I wonder if this comes from “Get upstairs to your room young man and get yourself ready. I will be up there shortly to paddle you”.

Oh well, I would like to be sent upstairs by any of these women. The second one, looks well prepared.

stairs11 stairs12 stairs22stairs13

6 thoughts on “More Women On Stairs”

  1. I know from her front steps I best be standing, hands on head, clothes neatly folded on the bed, my pj's layed out. All spankings are otk, I'm naked, and her favorite hairbrush will do the talking. After the spanking I'm led naked to the frontroom to stand facing the wall, She will then give me my pj's that I must wear the remaining part of day, prior to bedtime, she will give me another spanking, she enjoys pulling down my pj's and then will march me upstairs adding a few more spanks with the hairbrush and I'm sent to bed, mostly sleeping on my stomach.

  2. In my frame of mind these naughty women are carrying the implements that will befall their bare bottoms. Their husbands or boyfriends have ordered them upstairs. Their slow sexual and erotic walk that shows their bottoms to the fullest, beguiles their spanker, to give each one of them are sound and thorough spanking on their naked rear ends. Once inside the bedroom.

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