Sexier Than Guess Her Muff – Redux

One of the most viewed posts on OBB is Sexier Than Guess Her Muff from 2013. In that post, I said there is website where you are shown a picture of fully dressed woman and invited to try to Guess Her Muff and then click to see if you are right. I have a rather low opinion of the site. It’s just not sexy to me. I know many of our readers like beaver shots, but we don’t. We think posting a selfie of your genitalia on the web is cheap. Of course, we don’t like tramp stamps or metal hoops on the face. Call us dinosaurs.


We like the old style tease. You can find genitalia all over the web. Just not here.

One thought on “Sexier Than Guess Her Muff – Redux”

  1. Full on genital shots spoil the spanking shots, unless maybe it is a prick whipping that is taking place and even then it is better alluded to rather than total exposure. Ball exposure in humblers can be exciting if the shot is in the distance and not close up. Fully open vaginas from the rear are not sexy. Too much detail.

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