How Much Of It Is In Your Mind?

Question #1

Since this is a no discipline Blog, my comments are only about erotic or fun spankings. So with that in mind, we wonder why the same people with the same toys experience different levels of sting from one spanking to the next? Bacall and I both have sensitive and bullet proof days. Before the first lick we can not predict what kind of day it will be. When Bacall is having one of her bullet proof days, her orgasms are always more intense. We wonder why that is?

Question #2

We also wonder if a particular toy is thought to be intense makes it so. I think a cane is good example. It’s highly desired by some, but feared by most. Does the perception of it being intense make it so? A Lexan paddle is generally thought to be more intense than wood. [I can’t tell the difference myself] A paddle with holes is also on the list of feared toys. I can not tell any difference and I have made the same paddle with and without holes. The exact same size, shape, weight and wood – no differences. I have tested these paddles on others and the results are mixed. Some will always opt for a paddle with holes, others feel believe they sting more. I wonder how much of it is in our minds?

More research needs to be done. I think I need 100 co-operating lasses to meet me on July 4th to resolve the question. All licks will be given while blind-folded so you will not know which paddle is being used.

Question #3

How about you, do you like paddles with or without holes?

fm212 fm289

Three questions posed. Any thoughts or answers?

January Jones

You are in luck once again. I have nothing I feel the need to write about, so I will just post pictures. I try not to post too many of the usual pictures found on spanking blogs and so today the subject will be January Jones. You know Betty Draper in Mad Men who I don’t think ever smiled once in the series.

She is also a lingerie model. Don’t you want to spank a smile on her face?

january-jones1 january-jones2 january-jones3

january-jones4 january-jones5

Paddling Bacall

A back massage is always enjoyable. Sometimes you need a little more attention in one place or in a special way. Spanking is like that for us. If we are not getting what we want, we ask for it. We know that conflicts with being submissive and taking what you get. But, we are not submissive.

We have been spanking each other since we were 25. We would like to think we would have it down right by now. The other day Bacall let me know that she would like a paddling, then a little stimulation, but not too much, then more paddling and then monkey sex. I thought, yeah I used to do that all the time, but it has been many months, maybe longer since I did it that way. Why did I stop? Where did my mind go?


The next morning, I got the batten, a leather paddle, her favorite holey paddle and the stingy hot teacher’s paddle and applied them to her in that order. First, the batten on her inner thighs, along with periodic tapping of her sensitive parts. Then her panties down for a warmup with the leather paddler. I pulled her panties up for holey paddle and had her on knees looking out the window at the water cascading over the rocks.  While I paddled her with my right hand, I lightly massaged her with my left hand. Whenever she pressed forward for more contact with my fingers, I pulled them away. Shortly she was is some distress and I pulled her panties down and put the stingy paddle to her with gusto. The more excited she is, the harder the licks she can handle and wants. Her bottom was bright red and sore the rest of the day.

Once Upon A Time – The Vacation

Bacall’s tale continues

Summer is here and all of the students have left for home or trips until school resumes in September. Usually I spend this time with neglected chores around my home, attending classes and preparing for the upcoming school term.

This year, I decided that I should treat myself to a vacation. I have not taken many vacations because I don’t like traveling alone. I want to share the experience with someone that can experience the same pleasures as I do.  Of course, my mind wonders to my lover and paddling companion, Dr. Wayne.

If he is willing, we must be very discreet because we could both lose our jobs. But at this point my passions are overruling my practicality. With this in the forefront of my mind, I invite him over for a candlelight dinner, complete with a wonderful wine, and a fantastic dessert. He gladly excepts.

He arrives, smiles, and gives me a bouquet of two dozen roses. I give him a glass of wine and as he sits beside me I tell him what I am thinking about. He looks at me, astonished that I would consider such a plan. He puts his hand around my wrist and tells me that I am a very bad girl and will have to punished for thinking about doing something so risqué. Before I know what is happening, I was over his lap with my panties pulled down to my knees.  As if my magic, he had taken a small wooden paddle from his back pocket.  I gasped as he applied the wooden paddle to my bare bottom.  This time there was no warm up.  He was serious and I had never known him to be so masterful.

I am quite aroused by the spanking and so is he.  But instead of carrying this to the next step, he insists that we have dinner.  Thank goodness that I had planned a dinner that was prepared ahead of time and only had to be heated a little because I was in such a state that I can hardly concentrate on what I should be doing.  Dr. Wayne had this secret smile on his face the whole time.

I managed to get dinner on the table and it was very good.  Dr. Wayne pronounced it an excellent dinner.  You cannot imagine how pleased I was by his admiration of my culinary efforts.  It seems that the more we are together, the more we seem to admire and care about each other.

We sat in the living room and started discussing our proposed trip.  Should we go abroad, should we go to a resort – where we could enjoy the trip without any chance of being discovered.  With a sly smile on his face, Dr. Wayne told me about the cabin that his uncle has left to him when he passed away.  He told me that it was a simple secluded place that might be perfect for the two of us to relax and explore each other to our hearts content.

Of course, I started fretting about being in a cabin in the woods.  My idea of a vacation was to have all meals prepared by someone else!  Complete and total pampering was what I wanted and deserved.  You should have seen the look of Dr. Wayne’s face – it was red!  He demanded to know what I wanted – a trip where we might be discovered just so that I could be waited on hand and foot or did I want to go somewhere that we could discover each other’s fantasies.  He told me that in order for me to make that decision, he would help me with it.  At which point, I found myself once again over his lap.  He must have been very angry to punish me in such a harsh manner.  I even had tears in my eyes.  When he finished, he pulled me to him and wiped my tears and kissed me very tenderly.  He then suggested that we have dessert.  I am usually the one in control, but at that moment I felt submissive.  It was a very strange and foreign feeling.


After dessert, we went to my bedroom where we lovingly undressed each other before going to bed to complete the evening.  We awoke with smiles on our faces and made love in the morning light which was a first for us.

After that, the decision was easy, we would go to the cabin for two or three weeks.

Lap Photos – II

Second in a series – This eye candy post should appeal to the degenerate men, like myself, who get a thrill from seeing a flash of thigh. Personally, I prefer a little revealing more than pure nudity. I saw one Tumblr site that was made up solely of pictures the guy had taken of women seated and showing some thigh in venues like weddings where they women were dressed in their best.
Male bottoms see a female lap and think how they would like to lay over it and be spanked. Well this series of posts should interest them. I don’t care the OTK position myself, but I like these pictures.
Some of the pictures are just pictures of women with great legs. These is no explicit suggestion in the picture that spanking is contemplated. They are not holding a hairbrush or motioning for you to lay over their laps. Still, for me, they scream spanking.
Just add your own captions.
fmlap086 fmlap099
fmlap107 fmlap135

Thank You for this Kaelah!

How Many Ways

As switches we double the number of ways a spanking may occur.

I can ask Bacall for a paddling. Normally I do this the day before and enjoy the anticipation. I did this yesterday and she brought up the subject several times before we went to sleep. After breakfast the next morning, she picked out panties for me to wear to help build the excitement. Of course, my excitement was quite evident when I put on the panties. An hour or so later, I was in an S shape, my knees on the seat of the couch and my head on the back of it. She was kind to give the first four licks over the panties before proceeding to bare my cheeks. It was not a long paddling, I could have taken more licks and she knew it, but why bother, the desired result had been attained – more than enough blood was being held making my member quite rigid. Time to move along.

Other ways spankings happen:

She decides one or both of us could benefit from her paddling me. These usually happen when she is busy and just not in the mood, but she knows that I am. I get paddled and she gets some satisfaction from satisfying me. Bless her.

She decides that both of us could benefit from what she calls joint action sessions. She is quite randy and ready for anything.

I decide that I want to paddle her. If she is just not in the mood, nothing happens. Sometimes she is not all the way there, but thinks she might get there and readily acquiesces to a paddling. More often than not, I wind up getting the paddle also.

She wants an all about me paddling. There are two branches to these. One is purely erotic, she is able to twist her mind into being submissive and accepting a grand paddling and being taken. The other is when her sass meter is bubbling in the red range. She needs an outlet for her mouth knowing that the more she dishes out the harder the paddling will be. She will say something and then put her hand over her mouth and say I can’t believe how much that is going to cost me. That will shortly be followed by another playful verbal eruption. Each time I ramp up the volume of the paddle. It’s incredible how long she can play this game. For hours afterward, she will proudly tell me that she can still feel the sting.

Men Wearing Panties

I have posted on this topic many times over the years. So if it is of interest to you, click on the label in right margin to read and see more.

Panties and paddling go hand-in-glove with us. A new paddle or a new pair of panties always brings freshness to our play. Same as getting paddled in a new place. They not only feel good, but make me feel a little naughty. Women wear some types of panties when they want to appear naughty.

I first started wearing panties after we got married. I could not keep out of Bacall’s panty drawer. At first, I would just slide on a pair and model for her. She was mostly OK with it. We went out of town for a long weekend and I forgot to pack any underwear. Really. I wore a pair of hers and washed them out to wear the next day. Not something you can do with cotton. I started wearing them for paddlings and even wearing them to work. Exciting, but they sure squeeze and heat the boys up after a few hours.

I admit to wearing panties and rubbing one out through the silky material.

Bacall and I would go panty shopping on Saturday mornings. We would buy matching panties and spend the afternoon taking turns warming up each other in them. Cheap thrills.

I recall the first time I admitted to another woman that I was wearing panties. We were at a spanking party and somehow I knew I could trust her. She got a big smile on her face and we off to play. She was a switchy girl for a few years were saw a lot of each other. She would go panty shopping with us. We would all get the same panty and spend the rest of the day paddling each other in them. Cheap thrills, for $5 a piece, we were all happy.

I suppose that a man wearing panties is on one end of the spectrum and a cross dressercis on the other. Some men like to wear hose and dresses. Some like to dress as a sissy and suck on a dildo. How any of us get to our place on the spectrum is beyond me. I have no desire to wear other female attire or assume  a female identity, but I sure do like panties.

What got me off on this subject, again, was we were walking through Wal*Mart from house wares to groceries and on the way we both spotted a bright pink panty girdle. $3. And they had our size. Done deal. I have already gotten my first paddling in them and Bacall is overdue for hers.

I also like to wear t-back (jock straps) for a paddling. To me exposure of my bared nates shows Bacall just what I am in the mood for. I would love to locate a source for these. I can think of just one reason to wear them.