Simply Bacall

We took this picture in December. It’s about time we posted it. She is in her favorite position, over the couch. Her bottom matches her panties.


A  more recent picture. Here is colorful Bacall in colorful Canyonlands. Note the Park Service, no animals were disturbed during the paddling that followed the photo taking.

Bacall Canyonlands1 copy

As a Vietnam Vet, I spend more time around Memorial Day thinking about our country and the role of the armed services.

7 thoughts on “Simply Bacall”

  1. Do you think in another twenty years if we are still alive there will be “honor flights” for us? Those years changed me forever and not for the better. Some of the over-the-top junk now paraded as patriotism and appreciation is compensation for what we got when we came home. It doesn't work that way.

  2. Hobbes, I don't have a good answer for you. For those who were there, no explanation is needed. For those who were not, no explanation would make them understand. I read that only 1/2 percent of the US pop has served since 2001. When you meet one, it's a rarity.

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