Whips, Canes And Paddles

A picture of a woman holding a paddle can get my attention. There seem to be a lot more pictures of women holding whips and canes than paddles. Just my luck.


Oops, How did that one get in here?


This one gets my attention. Attractive, love her eyes, great outfit, no PVC pants or boots and she is not snarling. I might like bending over for six of her best.

Now for your consideration here are some of women with whips, all found by Googling ‘Women with whips’.




She looks like she is having fun.


Who knew PETA was kinky?




I wonder if the whip accounted for the show’s popularity? I never watched it.



And finally one of the traditional pictures of women with whips. I will pass, but would love to paddle her in her faux leather pants.


For me, it’s the paddle.

fm013 fm315

3 thoughts on “Whips, Canes And Paddles”

  1. I love that floor polish ad. The text should have a trailer that says “–and make HIM do it.”
    The blond holding the paddle looks real. Could she be the vice principal? Naughty boys want to know.

  2. As to Wonder Woman, I don't recall her ever having a whip, but she DID have a golden “lasso of truth”, although she never whipped anyone with it…

    I like the poster at the bottom of the page too. I could see Rick spanking Ilsa but not the other way 'round though… 😉

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