1. an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

2. the state of being close together or side by side.

One of my fav female vocalists is Emmylou Harris. I recall exactly where I was the first time I heard Boulder to Birmingham. I just don’t get tired of listening to her. I admit that I had crush on her.

This is one of her later songs, after her hair grays. Red Dirt Girl. Being a Vietnam veteran and growing up in the red dirt of Alabama, the juxtaposition of these two elements in the lyrics make this one very poignant to me.

Have a good weekend!

Lap Photos – I

This eye candy post should appeal to the degenerate men, like myself, who get a thrill from seeing a flash of thigh. Personally, I prefer a little revealing more than pure nudity. I saw one Tumblr site that was made up solely of pictures the guy had taken of women seated and showing some thigh in venues like weddings where they women were dressed in their best.

Male bottoms see a female lap and think how they would like to lay over it and be spanked. Well this series of posts should interest them. While I don’t care the OTK position for myself, I like these pictures.

Some of the pictures are just pictures of women with great legs. These is no explicit suggestion in the picture that spanking is contemplated. They are not holding a hairbrush or motioning for you to lay over their laps. Still, for me, they scream spanking.


fmlap005 fmlap019 

fmlap025 fmlap033

fmlap035 fmlap081

You want to see more?


I get tickled at some of the captioned femdom pictures I see.

femdom - wtf

She says “for me…and for us”. Just what exactly did she get out of not having sex for a month? Two weeks without sex with me and she would history, no matter how good she looks.

femdom - pleated skirt

Here is a caption that may be wishful to some. It’s ludicrous to me. However, her looks are captivating, don’t you think? Eyeballs, check. Hair, check. Legs, check. Attractive attire and jewlery, check. The pleated skirt makes the picture complete for me. OK, I would gladly fetch my paddle for her.

Simply Bacall

We took this picture in December. It’s about time we posted it. She is in her favorite position, over the couch. Her bottom matches her panties.


A  more recent picture. Here is colorful Bacall in colorful Canyonlands. Note the Park Service, no animals were disturbed during the paddling that followed the photo taking.

Bacall Canyonlands1 copy

As a Vietnam Vet, I spend more time around Memorial Day thinking about our country and the role of the armed services.

Jumping For Joy

Years ago, OBB got Chrossed for this picture.

jumping_for_delight copy

He seems to prefer single picture posts. Let’s see if he will take the bait and go for a similar picture this time.

jumping for joy copy

Oh, heck here is the first gal sans pillow and underwear. Even if Choss passses on it, you got to see it.


Do you think she was spanked for jumping on the bed?

The Principal’s Story Continued

Last November, Bacall wet her feet in an F/M tale. She continues her story.

z top shelf2

Life has been very good at the prestigious high school where I am principal  I will tell you about what has happened to my life here very recently.  First, the Board in all it’s wisdom, decided to change to name from high school to Senior Academy.  Also decided was that I should no longer be principal, but Head Mistress.  Their thinking was it sounded much more important and exclusive, therefore, more students and more money.

Also their thinking was that we must have an assistant head mistress for the girls and an assistant head master for the boys.  The assistant vice mistress, who is a dear old lady that is very content with her position and has no desire to be promoted, so that is working out very well as it has in the past.  Dr. Wayne was promoted to head vice master.  This has become a bit of an ego problem.

As I mentioned previously, I had to paddle Dr. Wayne one evening to get his attention and things have gone along very smoothly.  Well, almost.  You see, the vision of Dr. Wayne’s bare bottom stayed in my mind.  I am a mature woman in my early 40’s, but I still have desires.  Obviously Dr. Wayne enjoyed our encounter also, so we have had a bit of a romance, discreetly, of course.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Wayne and I sometimes role play.  On several occasion we have reversed roles and he has had me bare bottomed over my desk received a paddling with the principal’s paddle.  Let me tell you, it was just delicious and I became very turned on as did Dr. Wayne.  We would both be fired if the board knew what went on in my office on the new sofa that I told them I just had to have!

I had to attend a conference out of town for a week, so Dr. Wayne was in charge.  As I said, his ego is a bit of a problem.  This is a very sticky problem as I do not want Dr. Wayne thinking he is in charge and questioning my decisions publicly.  Also I certainly do not want to lose my personal relationship with Dr. Wayne.

Finally, things came to a head and I called Dr. Wayne into my office after all of the students and teachers had left for the day.  He came in with a big smile on his face thinking that it was time for “fun and games.”  I told him to sit down, that we had to talk.  I explained the situation to him and he just sat there – didn’t do or say anything.  I told him that he would have to have another very hard paddling because he had been so disrespectful and would he agree to his punishment.  I stressed that there would be no playing around on the sofa afterwards. 

He stood up, dropped his slacks and then his underwear and told me that if he had to be punished that it should be bare bottom and very hard and he didn’t want anyone else but me do administer his punishment.

I gave him 20 very hard pops with the principals paddle and he took it like a real man.  I was so proud of him.  He looked so wonderful with his shinny red bottom.  He took me out to dinner at a very nice restaurant.  Tomorrow the punishment will be over and we will definitely make use of all this stored-up sexual tension on the new sofa. 

Women I Would Like To Spank – III

We were eating out with friends the other day. Our waitress defined cute. She wore a big smile and had a bubble butt that just fit into her tight jeans. She wore an engagement ring, so I asked her if she had someone that adored her. She said she did, but he was mad at her. I told her that if it didn’t work out to call me. She smiled and said she would if she was 20 years older.

Most of the blogs I like to read seem to be almost on hiatus this year. OBB too. Our excuse this week is that we are exploring and taking pictures in the off road areas of Canyonlands. There just might be some outdoor paddlings too.

Now here is weeks allotment of eye candy. All highly spankable to me.

summertime 2


Musical Interlude: How about The Dead’s version of Iko, Iko. Played in the daylight. From 1987, Jerry, Brent, and Bob doing the Patios silliness.

Whips, Canes And Paddles

A picture of a woman holding a paddle can get my attention. There seem to be a lot more pictures of women holding whips and canes than paddles. Just my luck.


Oops, How did that one get in here?


This one gets my attention. Attractive, love her eyes, great outfit, no PVC pants or boots and she is not snarling. I might like bending over for six of her best.

Now for your consideration here are some of women with whips, all found by Googling ‘Women with whips’.




She looks like she is having fun.


Who knew PETA was kinky?




I wonder if the whip accounted for the show’s popularity? I never watched it.



And finally one of the traditional pictures of women with whips. I will pass, but would love to paddle her in her faux leather pants.


For me, it’s the paddle.

fm013 fm315


Of course we like to get comments when we write something. We seem to get more comments when we do picture posts, which makes us believe that what we write is horseshit. OK, we do it primarily for ourselves and it’s the best we can do. We take no offense if we don’t get much feed back.

We do NOT comment on every comment made on OBB. If you say thanks for posting, we accept your compliment and leave it at that. We will not get into saying thanks for saying thanks.

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