My Next Wife

For years when Bacall forgets to do something like bring me a cup of hot tea or give me an enthusiastic back rub, I say “My next wife will do so-and-so”. Then I start listing the things my next wife will have to enjoy doing. It’s a long list and after enumerating the qualities for a few seconds, I redirect my mind to more productive endeavors. Bacall, in spite of her blemishes, simply can not be improved on. I am blessed.

For instance, how many women enjoy cooking and are good at it? That one attribute alone thins the prospective pool to a few thousand women at best. Bacall is near gourmet. While I can do a few things in the kitchen, and I don’t mean mac and cheese, she is excellent.

How about a spanking partner? One that enjoys switching? Now my prospects are down to less than dozen and I fear half of them look like Lady Gaga.

I think I will keep her around.



paddle big hurt

I will venture to say this one would get the job done

paddle moap copy

She looks eager


Paddled outside the woodshed


I always liked this material

paddle656 copy

Is the paddle for him or her?

red hot

Want a red paddle that will make a bottom red hot with ease? This is like our oldest paddle. Get one here. Full disclosure: We have no connection with the seller, nor have we purchased from them.

Tell Us When

At what age did you first want to be spanked? – 18

When did you lose your adult spanking virginity? – 19

Weirdest place you have been spanked? – Nothing comes to mind

Have you ever had a one night spanking stand? – No

Have you ever been spanked in a public place? – Yes, If inside a van in a parking lot counts.

A song you’d listen to during a spanking? – Any background instrumental

Are you into dressing up for spanking? – Yes


A combination of incongruous things


It occurred to me that when a woman sees the word potpourri she might think of a mixture of dried flower petals, leaves, and spices that is used to make a room smell pleasant. Well, smell. You know the scent that knocks able bodied men to their knees when entering stores like Michael’s. None of that kind of potpourri here. This is another post of pictures that are not related. Another cleaning out of my “to Publish”. BTW, it’s empty now. Either the elves will tote up some new pictures or I will expound on some topic.

dog cage

I thought someone had a good imagination to come up with this way of immobilizing a lass in a cage. Not something I want to do, but I admire the idea.

women rule

For the femdom set. BTW, I have zero problem with women being in authority. I worked for a really good one. I also worked for two that had no social skills other than sucking up to their boss. A female President would be fine with me. But not HRC.

something to celebrate5

This could be a dommy woman. Don’t know, but I sure would like to paddle her in that leather skirt.

I will conclude with a picture of Ashley with her floggers.

Ashley w Dragon

Another Rant

OK, here I go again on topic that may offend some. But, rather than be offended, why not try to explain to me, in a gentle manner, why I feel the way I do.

Regular readers of OBB know how we employ spanking in our lives. Neither of us ever completely give up control. No discipline, no punishment. That rules out DD, HoH, FLR and whatever else there is.

I am dominate in both personality and appearance. Bacall is normally charming, well liked, but wants it her way. Cross her and she will rip your throat out. We are both alpha’s.

No problem so far. Here we go.

I am repulsed by what I think is the mainstream male submissive. The desire to be humiliated is over the top for me. I know many would tell me to live and let live, but I feel these guys ruin it for me. If a guy wants to wear a dog collar, have his balls crushed by high heels, and be whipped that is his right. But I strongly resent it when this image is reflected on me when I only want to be spanked. Why you may ask does this get me revved up? I have experienced rejection more than once. I say I switch and the woman envisions me wanting her to chain me a cart by my balls and and pull the cart around. They are out the door before I can explain.

I have seen these guys at parties. Sitting by themselves, not talking, looking forlorn and wimpy. I have even tried to engage them. Make them feel better. Suggest they join in, to no avail.

Or perhaps I am wrong? Perhaps women’s attitude have changed? Ronnie recently posted a male submissive drawing by Underling, who to me, epitomizes the submissive male desire for humiliation. I was amazed by the number of positive comments from women that Ronnie received for the words she wrote. Is male submissiveness now accepted? Based just on the comments to her post it would seem so.

A Reader Responds To The Survey

What age were you when you got your first adult bare-bottom spanking?
First adult “semi-playful” was about 22. First adult “authentic” variety about 24.
Was it administered by an acquaintance, friend, girlfriend, wife or professional?
Never got the nerve to ask my girlfriends… finally confessed what I wanted to my wife.
Was it for punishment, fun or foreplay?
Fun and foreplay in her mind. In my mind it was for fun, foreplay and a spanko related interest in “fun-ishment”.
What was her response to it?
Not really her thing but enjoyed playing at times… mostly giving.
If your significant other WAS INITIALLY interested, has her interest grown with time or lessened?
Her interest has stayed about the same with occasional spikes, but mostly to please me.
Would you say your desire to be spanked has grown or lessened over the years?
My interest in bottoming has definitely grown, yet still a Switch at heart. Now seem to enjoy being spanked and thinking of being spanked, more than when I was young.
How often are you spanked as an adult now – approximately?
Not very often. It is inconsistent but on average once or twice a month using a broad definition of getting a “spanking”.
Are you ashamed or accepting of this desire?
Came to terms with my basic nature and desire for spanking in my 30’s; before that I struggled like most guys namely with the idea of what it meant to want to be spanked as a guy… but also what it meant to actually enjoy the idea of spanking a woman.
I prefer to be spanked with?
Hairbrush, strap, leather slipper, stingy paddle… not into thud.
What added attractions do you desire with your spankings?
Never an S&M or B/D fan, prefer domestic scenes but enjoy a variety of kinks related to traditional and a few non-traditional (but sane) means of tormenting a bare bottom, mine or a naughty gal’s.
Do you like to be spanked in roleplay, real life situations, or no situation?
More real life than roleplay but mostly it just needs to be personal. I like connection more than “correction”.
If you like roleplay do you like your spanker to be; mommy, aunt, teacher, boss, neighbor, friend’s mother, therapist, girlfriend, wife?
Any are fine but again prefer the real deal…. a therapist scene might be interesting?
What age do you like to play when being spanked?
My own.
For true offenses, made-up ones or NONE?
All the above if done right, though not much on true submission or dominance beyond sensual but low key domestic variety.
What stage do you like to be spanked to: pink, red, to tears?
Tears are not necessary… but I do prefer “sound” spankings that are progressive and result in a very red, very hot behind I’ll feel for a while.
How do you feel about marks?
Within reason, love to see them in the mirror afterwards. Nothing permanent… or breaking skin. Moderate marking that fades in a few days is fine.
While being spanked do you feel?
Strong sense of connection…slightly awestruck, appreciative and keenly aware of the person whose lap I’m over. Afterwards?… warm, fuzzy, turned-on.
While being spanked do you: get an erection, remain soft, leak fluid, orgasm?
Not during, occasionally after… depends on the circumstances. Spanko thoughts are better than Viagra though.
What kind of spanker’s dress do you prefer (prim, matronly, conservative, everyday casual, provocative, overtly sexual)
Favor the domestic style… especially the 50’s, 60’s style dress… and undergarments. Not into leather or dominatrix gear.
Have you been spanked in front of others?
Not yet.
What positions to be spanked in appeal to you the most?
OTK is fav… bent over a chair or sofa, Spanking Bench
Have you ever been spanked to tears?
Tears no… misty eye’d and hanging on by a thread? Yes…