Spanking 101

No, this is not a primer on spanking. Just a little thing that happened that reminded me of the basics.

I was chatting with a woman online the other day. Chatting is not something I do often. At least not in the last decade. Primarily because there are so few women that really enjoy spanking men. Finding women to spank is easy, but the other way around is a lot more difficult. She asked me if I liked it hard and fast. I told her that Bacall liked to spank that way, but it was not for me. I explained that I liked a few seconds between licks so I could catch my breath. She agreed with me that she liked to be spanked that way and it was the way she spanked. Our interests matched. Hallelujah.

This reminded me that maybe 20 years back, Bacall had me OTK with our red paddle in her hand. She kept remarking what a great position it was, because as she explained, It was right there. I could tell she was enjoying herself and about then she let loose with a flurry of fast spanks. I was twisting and squirming trying to escape. Right then I understood why OTK was so popular in spanking lore as Mom’s preferred position. I had never been spanked like that. Now I understood that because it’s right there, it’s easy to apply spanks hard and fast and to hold the spankee in position under one arm. You say, well duh. I say, it never occurred to me as being so handy.

Sure I had spanked many women OTK, most with my palm, sometimes rapidly, but I never got the reaction from them that Bacall got from me. Iron bottomed women or I am a wimpy spanker, I suppose. Over time, I injured my hand. It would swell up. I still have problems with it today from spanking with it too hard too often. I will only give token hand spanks today.

The other thing that the chat reminded me of was how long time it’s been since any woman, other than Bacall, had discussed spanking me.

So the chat rekindled two memories.

Some old images of OTK. Men on the left, women on the right.

fm082 paddle110

She seems to be putting some effort into it, but he seems to be just absorbing the licks.

fm167 paddle222

Always liked small breasted women             Legs kicking already

fm212 paddle331

A happy spanker                                               She seems keen to see that’s done right

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