Western Paddling

I have been chatting with a woman and her husband who seem to share our particular spanking interests. They also like outdoor spankings and travel to some of the same remote locations we enjoy. So if our destinations and schedule match up we just might meet up someday.

While doing some mindless chores this came to me, so I wrote this with her in mind. Names have been altered to protect the guilty.

05 mule canyon 04

We had been hoping to meet for a long time. It finally happened. The four of us sat in our camp chairs overlooking the canyon, getting to know each other, enjoying the view, the warm sun and a cool beverage. We are all switches, so everyone was going to spank and get spanked. The view in all directions was long, not another soul could be seen. There was only one road and anyone coming could be seen throwing up a dust cloud long before they could see us. Privacy was ours.

I am guessing all of us were wondering who would go first? Who would get things started? Would it be ladies first and if so, would they opt to get or give the paddle? Probably everyone wanted to go first, but it was Becky that got it started.

Becky looked at me said, It’s been long enough, I want to paddle you right now. She got up and so did I. She took two steps and was right in front of me, her fingers deftly unbuckled my belt and she pushed my jeans down, as my wife and her husband watched. This was going well, I like a take charge person. Take them off. I did and stood there in a white thong, covered in front, bare in the back. The thong was her idea and I was happy to comply, the occasion was paddling, not sex. Showing off does nothing for me. Get the paddle. I took the Principal’s paddle off the table and handed it handle first to her. We looked into each others eyes for a moment. Turn around and grab the seat of your chair, look forward, hold on and stay that way. I bent down and looked across the chasm. I felt the light breeze on my bottom and waited for the first lick. I was hoping she would not hold back. I can easily ask for mercy, but asking for harder licks is a little difficult. Would her aim be accurate? Would she hit only the meaty portion? Would just the flat area of the paddle hit or would she allow it to roll and get me with side of it. Spread your legs some.

The first lick landed. I no longer was wondering if she would lay it on hard. It burned. A few seconds went by and I felt the other cheek explode into fire. When the third lick landed, I moved my bottom and my leg went up a little. By the time she got to 10, I was ready to beg for a break. At 12, I did. No problem, she told me I could take a minute to recover. My hands rubbed my bottom and I could feel the heat. Back in position. Yeeks, that was a short break. She laid on another four scorchers. Get the other paddle.

The first paddle is the one that gets to the muscles, the one that lets you know hours later you got paddled every time you move or sit down. The second paddle is lighter, it sears the skin. In many ways it is harder to take. She continued her almost leisurely pace of paddling me – giving me a welcome few seconds between licks to regain composure. When she got to around 10, all that changed. She bent forward and held me around my chest with her left arm and in a flurry she gave me several licks, fast and hard. I could not catch my breath. I was squirming to get free, she held on and finished me.

This was going to be a great few days.

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