A lot of images have collected in my to publish folder that have no associated properties and some are not even spanking related. Yet here they are. Enjoy, if you can.

60% of sex on motels copy

Have you noticed how many pictures are taken in motel rooms? I am thinking most sex is in motels. How do I know it’s a motel, look at the door hardware. Yes, there is a door. Look again.

gun fighter

Hell yes, I support open carry.

happy happy

I would say the spanker is happy, very happy.

the kitchen

After motel rooms, the kitchen may be the next most popular place to play. I don’t get why so many spanking pictures are taken in the kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Potpourri”

  1. Well Ronnie, the best reason is that I think she is nice to look at. Being attractive and wearing a short shirt always command my eyeballs.

    Second, Bacall likes a bit of bondage. I have never tied her up this way, I think because it would take so damn long to untie her and ravish her. I go for cuffs and quick disconnect stuff.

  2. I, too have noticed that often the kinds of pictures I find in looking at the sites I frequent, are indeed in hotel rooms. Either the door hardware or the furniture arrangements give it away.

    However, I am guessing that they are the result in setting up photo sessions. Hotels provide more of a 'Spartan' background and lack the clutter that many of us have to deal with in our homes. I know that I have to work around much of the clutter in our house either by moving things or cropping them out in the photo editor.

    So no complaints if the foreground subject matter is 'interesting'.

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