What age were you when you got your first adult bare-bottom spanking? 25 (I don’t count the few hand spanks I got from prostitute in the Philippines when I was 20)

Was it administered by an acquaintance, friend, girlfriend, wife or professional? Wife.

Was it for punishment, fun or foreplay? Foreplay.

What was her response to it? Delighted, curious, obliging.

If your significant other WAS INITIALLY interested, has her interest grown with time or lessened? Grown.

Would you say your desire to be spanked has grown or lessened over the years? About the same.

How often are you spanked as an adult now – approximately? Every 5 to 10 days.

Are you ashamed or accepting of this desire? No choice but to accept it.

I prefer to be spanked with: a wood paddle.

What added attractions do you desire with your spankings: NONE of these: mouth-washing, corner time, forced feminization, temperature taking, prostate massage, strap-on, fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming.

Do you like to be spanked in roleplay, real life situations, or no situation? Anything but real life.

If you like roleplay do you like your spanker to be; mommy, aunt, teacher, boss, neighbor, friend’s mother, therapist, girlfriend, wife. Any but mommy.

What age do you like to play when being spanked: Adult.

For true offences, made-up ones or NONE?  None.

What stage do you like to be spanked to: pink, red, to tears? Red.

How do you feel about marks?  It does not happen, but it would be OK, not desired.

While being spanked do you feel: Both turned on and enjoyment.

While being spanked do you: get an erection, remain soft, leak fluid, orgasm. So hard a cat can not scratch it.

What kind of spanker’s dress do you prefer (prim, matronly, conservative, everyday casual, provocative, overtly sexual) Any of the choices, just not too casual.

Have you been spanked in front of others? Yes, by people I knew.

What positions to be spanked in appeal to you the most? Bending over, kneeling on all fours, hands on the wall.

Have you ever been spanked to tears? No, and it’s not desired.


Your Turn

Spanking 101

No, this is not a primer on spanking. Just a little thing that happened that reminded me of the basics.

I was chatting with a woman online the other day. Chatting is not something I do often. At least not in the last decade. Primarily because there are so few women that really enjoy spanking men. Finding women to spank is easy, but the other way around is a lot more difficult. She asked me if I liked it hard and fast. I told her that Bacall liked to spank that way, but it was not for me. I explained that I liked a few seconds between licks so I could catch my breath. She agreed with me that she liked to be spanked that way and it was the way she spanked. Our interests matched. Hallelujah.

This reminded me that maybe 20 years back, Bacall had me OTK with our red paddle in her hand. She kept remarking what a great position it was, because as she explained, It was right there. I could tell she was enjoying herself and about then she let loose with a flurry of fast spanks. I was twisting and squirming trying to escape. Right then I understood why OTK was so popular in spanking lore as Mom’s preferred position. I had never been spanked like that. Now I understood that because it’s right there, it’s easy to apply spanks hard and fast and to hold the spankee in position under one arm. You say, well duh. I say, it never occurred to me as being so handy.

Sure I had spanked many women OTK, most with my palm, sometimes rapidly, but I never got the reaction from them that Bacall got from me. Iron bottomed women or I am a wimpy spanker, I suppose. Over time, I injured my hand. It would swell up. I still have problems with it today from spanking with it too hard too often. I will only give token hand spanks today.

The other thing that the chat reminded me of was how long time it’s been since any woman, other than Bacall, had discussed spanking me.

So the chat rekindled two memories.

Some old images of OTK. Men on the left, women on the right.

fm082 paddle110

She seems to be putting some effort into it, but he seems to be just absorbing the licks.

fm167 paddle222

Always liked small breasted women             Legs kicking already

fm212 paddle331

A happy spanker                                               She seems keen to see that’s done right

Wank Fodder?

In support of a post by the Secret Spanker Erica Scott wrote:

I have had many men ask me (yes, it’s always men, in my case) for extreme details. How old was I? Was it my mother or my father? Was it OTK? Was it bare bottom or over my panties? How long did it last? Did I cry? (No, I laughed, stupid.) And I became aware of what these questions meant: The person posing them was eroticizing the spanking of a child. They were getting off on my details.

Well, as I recently observed it’s you guys that are weird, not me. I have asked some of those questions to more than a few women and not one time was it wank fodder to me. Just getting to know one another conversation. I volunteer about my childhood spankings. There was nothing sexual about them then and none now. Maybe some men get off on thinking about little girls with their panties down getting thrashed, but not all of us. If there are any that do, I hope it a precious few.

I never think about spanking a woman as a child. I will not do Daddy/Daughter scenes.

Secret Spanko responded to my comment on his post with ….it would be better to ask if they’ve been spanked before than if they were spanked growing up. I totally agree that would be a superior question as it does not show an interest in childhood spankings.


I will quote from an older post: My biggest joy in spanking a woman for the first time is exploring what she wants, what will make it special for her. She bares her soul, perhaps for the first time, telling another human how she wants to be spanked. That deep secret is special to me. For me, it’s like having sex for the first time, but well planned. At some point in the discussion she asks what will make it special for me. That’s the thing with women, they see both sides of a relationship and they want it to work for both. Will this outfit work for you? What about panties? Is being called Daddy OK or would you prefer Uncle? Bless them, they cover all the details. You can call me submissive, but I much prefer to have them tell me what want and do it, rather than telling them how I will do it. There is time for that later.


The accounts of how some women have tried (and some were successful) to get spanked as kids is more interesting to me. Can you imagine three teen girls trying to convince their male science teacher (who was a dreamy type) that he should paddle them, because he had paddled boys for doing the same thing. This was told to me as a true story and I believe it. I have written recollections here about things teen girls I dated did to get spanked. I think anyone would agree that when you do the same silly thing the third time after being spanked for doing twice before, you like being spanked. That was a girlfriend in the 11th grade, that learned her skirt would come up and she would get my palm on her bottom every time she hid the car keys. She played me like a piano. At that time, the spanking was not even close to the centerpiece for me, it was the heavy petting that followed. More such accounts can be found in ‘Memories’ in the right column.


Have you noticed how many spanking pictures are of Asians women dressed in school girl outfits? Someone recently clued me into why, it’s because they look younger than western women of the same age. OK, but I don’t want to spank a kid, so these pictures do nothing for me. I don’t think I have collected a single one.

No pictures of little girls or Asians being spanked here. But, as always, I suspect my grammar could be improved.


Western Paddling

I have been chatting with a woman and her husband who seem to share our particular spanking interests. They also like outdoor spankings and travel to some of the same remote locations we enjoy. So if our destinations and schedule match up we just might meet up someday.

While doing some mindless chores this came to me, so I wrote this with her in mind. Names have been altered to protect the guilty.

05 mule canyon 04

We had been hoping to meet for a long time. It finally happened. The four of us sat in our camp chairs overlooking the canyon, getting to know each other, enjoying the view, the warm sun and a cool beverage. We are all switches, so everyone was going to spank and get spanked. The view in all directions was long, not another soul could be seen. There was only one road and anyone coming could be seen throwing up a dust cloud long before they could see us. Privacy was ours.

I am guessing all of us were wondering who would go first? Who would get things started? Would it be ladies first and if so, would they opt to get or give the paddle? Probably everyone wanted to go first, but it was Becky that got it started.

Becky looked at me said, It’s been long enough, I want to paddle you right now. She got up and so did I. She took two steps and was right in front of me, her fingers deftly unbuckled my belt and she pushed my jeans down, as my wife and her husband watched. This was going well, I like a take charge person. Take them off. I did and stood there in a white thong, covered in front, bare in the back. The thong was her idea and I was happy to comply, the occasion was paddling, not sex. Showing off does nothing for me. Get the paddle. I took the Principal’s paddle off the table and handed it handle first to her. We looked into each others eyes for a moment. Turn around and grab the seat of your chair, look forward, hold on and stay that way. I bent down and looked across the chasm. I felt the light breeze on my bottom and waited for the first lick. I was hoping she would not hold back. I can easily ask for mercy, but asking for harder licks is a little difficult. Would her aim be accurate? Would she hit only the meaty portion? Would just the flat area of the paddle hit or would she allow it to roll and get me with side of it. Spread your legs some.

The first lick landed. I no longer was wondering if she would lay it on hard. It burned. A few seconds went by and I felt the other cheek explode into fire. When the third lick landed, I moved my bottom and my leg went up a little. By the time she got to 10, I was ready to beg for a break. At 12, I did. No problem, she told me I could take a minute to recover. My hands rubbed my bottom and I could feel the heat. Back in position. Yeeks, that was a short break. She laid on another four scorchers. Get the other paddle.

The first paddle is the one that gets to the muscles, the one that lets you know hours later you got paddled every time you move or sit down. The second paddle is lighter, it sears the skin. In many ways it is harder to take. She continued her almost leisurely pace of paddling me – giving me a welcome few seconds between licks to regain composure. When she got to around 10, all that changed. She bent forward and held me around my chest with her left arm and in a flurry she gave me several licks, fast and hard. I could not catch my breath. I was squirming to get free, she held on and finished me.

This was going to be a great few days.


Regular readers know that we like lingerie. Today’s post shows some variations.

lingerie garterbelt73 copy

We open with a panty girdle and garters

lingerie garterbelt875 copy

Very colorful

lingerie slip copy

Just a simple white slip, but it turns my crank. Bacall, I have not seen this on you in awhile.


Even more color


Black lace slip. oh la la

Anyone like this post. Hello! Talk Back.

Damned CAPTHCA’s

I opened up comments to anonymous folks a month or so back. But added moderation so I could delete the spam. I am tired of deleting the spam, so I have kept anonymous comments, but added the cursed CAPTCHA’s  (I learned that is stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart. God rest Alan Turing.

Since I have installed Ghostery to keep out third party cookies, widgets and other evil web things, I have also changed to embedded comments which most other Blogs use.

I hope this will be an improvement for all of us.


A lot of images have collected in my to publish folder that have no associated properties and some are not even spanking related. Yet here they are. Enjoy, if you can.

60% of sex on motels copy

Have you noticed how many pictures are taken in motel rooms? I am thinking most sex is in motels. How do I know it’s a motel, look at the door hardware. Yes, there is a door. Look again.

gun fighter

Hell yes, I support open carry.

happy happy

I would say the spanker is happy, very happy.

the kitchen

After motel rooms, the kitchen may be the next most popular place to play. I don’t get why so many spanking pictures are taken in the kitchen.