Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

Republished as a public service from January, 2010. We are telling you that you will never know how great it can be if you have never used one of these.

Masturbation Can Be Fun, Even If You Are The Only One. That is or is something like the lyrics from a song in Hair. If you know it, you are old. Mutual masturbation can be fun a lot of fun too. Guess what we did this morning after warming each others backsides?

Vibrators are normally phallic shaped. They hum and tickle. They pulse and lunge. Some rotate and flash colored lights. Our favorite mechanical device looks like this. It’s an design intended for muscle massage. It works fantastically as a vibrator and it works on both genders equally well. It will cause an orgasm. You can try and fight it, but it will get you.

sunbeam oster

You slip your fingers through the springs you see on the bottom and your whole hand becomes a vibrator. For men, the hand wraps around in the usual way. There is really no need for the hand to move. For women, we have found that cupping the whole hand over the vagina works well. Start with a light pressure and when she screams and her hips come off the mattress – press harder. Those with an ultra sensitive clitoris may find direct contact uncomfortable, so take care until you have experimented a few times. 

Bacall likes it for one or two orgasms and then she wants the real deal. Afterwards she says all of her skeletal bones melt.

Google Oster Stim-U-Lax Massager to find one for yourself. I saw one on Amazon for $86. If you think that is pricey, consider it uses 15 watts. A battery powered vibrator uses less than a watt. The difference between 1 and 15 watts is HUGE. We keep ours hooked up ready to go under the bed plugged into an extension cord.

One caveat, if you have small hands, it can slip off your hand.  Use gravity to your advantage.


I was chatting online with a young lady about spanking. We are of like minds, simpatico, in how we view spanking. That is it’s sexy, it feels good, we don’t need to act out to be spanked and we both switch. No thoughts of meeting her as she is younger than our daughter and lives a country away from us.

I volunteered that I could not enjoy a spanking if I did not have an erection. Without a boner it would be pain. Somehow the sexual excitement converts the pain to pleasure. I am a hedonist. I want pleasure.

This presents a little problem. I am old school. I consider it crude to display one’s wiener, unless it’s a) for consensual sex or b) a spanking where the woman is comfortable with it because she knows the man is excited by the upcoming spanking and is that the man is not expecting a).

She said she was always took an erection as a compliment, not as a expectation. Good on her.

A woman that enjoys this type of spanking and with this mindset is rare. I was going to reply to her, but decided I would post about it and let her read it here. I will call it my ideal spanking encounter with a woman other than my wife. I would not exclude Bacall, in fact it would be even better with her there. I will keep this to F/M, tho since she is a switch, I expect I would be warming her bottom also. But, we will leave that for another time.

I like to dress for a spanking and I expect the spanker to do likewise. I want some preliminary conversation. An hour or more of talking about what we like and don’t like. At some point, I would want for her to show me the paddle she is going to use – to hold it in her hand, smiling, as she describes how she is going to paddle me.


This would also be good time to divest clothing. She would have me take off everything but my panties. Boy shorts are ideal to hold the equipment and provide an unprotected bottom. Of course, the panties would allow her to see what effect all this is having on me. And that is important, because if deflation happened for whatever reason, I would want to take a break.

I would want her to shed some clothes, but not everything. You know I am a lingerie freak, so something like this would be ideal.

fm385 fmlap035 fmlap176

Or since I am so attracted to thighs.

fmlap047 fmlap149

By this time, I would most ready to bend over and take my licks. I would expect her to swing the paddle with enthusiasm and her aim would be perfect. The crack of the paddle would be loud and I would recoil from it. She would give me a few seconds to recover and push my bottom out for the next lick.

Sorry, if there no titillation in this for you, but there sure would be for me.