No Freaking Hearts

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at mi casa. So I was going to continue the annual tradition of ignoring the day. Until I saw what Hermoine posted.

fat baby

No spankings here for eons. Both of us have had bronchitis. Bacall is over her bout and has been in the social swim all week and has neglected all housework. She felt bad enough about it yesterday that before she left she told me I should paddle her. I was feeling well enough and did so with gusto. Or so I thought. After about 15 minutes she said that she thought she needed some more. She left with a red bottom.

I have scheduled her on Saturday morning for more instruction.

3 thoughts on “No Freaking Hearts”

  1. Tomorrow is perfect! Though you may want to change that paddle for a strap. It is The Lupercalia! The Roman Fertility holiday that was usurped by Valentine's Day.

    And while we may not see eye-to-eye on many things, Bogey. Trust me. The Lupercalia was far better than what has replaced it.

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