In Praise Of Size 12’s


I have never been attracted to waifs, size 2’s and less. Bacall was a 7 when we married. That’s on the thin side. I was 6’4”, 185 with a 32 inch waistline. So we were a fit physically. Most models look like they need to eat. Our daughter is one of them. Three kids, tall like me and needs to gain weight. She wears layered clothes to hide her bones. Oh well, I suppose being thin is so much better than being overweight if you plan to live a long life.

I read that size 14  is the average for an American woman. However, size 14 is among the least purchased sizes. So it seems that being a size 14 and buying a size 14 are in fact two very different things. It seems that women who used to be a size 8 or 10 and have gained weight often simply don’t want to shop for a size 14 or 16. Consequently, they make do with what they have. Women sizes 20 and up, many of whom perhaps have been plus-size their entire lives, seem to be more likely to have accepted themselves physically and shop as frequently as single-digit sizes.

I suppose that some women would blame men for their avoidance of wearing their real dress size.

Bacall and I have both beat anorexia and gained weight beyond what we could have imagined we might ever weigh when we married. We have both been dieting for two months. I lost 19 pounds in three weeks, but have hit a plateau and only lost three pounds the second month. Likewise for Bacall.

Anywho, I just wanted to say that skinny gals hold little attraction for me. I might swivel my head around for second look, but it’s one of incredulity.

Size 12-14 seem about ideal to me now and ideal for spanking.

Here’s Robin Lawley in her scanties. Looks good to me.


We had lunch with some friends in a small berg last week. I took no notice of an average sized women when she first walked past our table as she had on a long coat. However, my eyeballs came out when she took off her coat and went to the restroom. She had on a form fitting dress that showed every curve. Like this one.


I sure hope this dress style become popular. Don’t you? Sadly she put her coat back on as the blooming ceiling fan was on high and the chain was broken.

2 thoughts on “In Praise Of Size 12’s”

  1. Apparently half of UK women are size 16 and one of our larger department stores recently unveiled size 16 mannequins. I'm a size 12.


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