Spanking Benches

This is not the first post on spanking benches we have done. [See tag in the right column]

It seems that all activities evolve to include special equipment. Spanking included.

Here are some examples of custom built spanking furniture suitably adorned with willing participants.


In my younger spanking years, I never thought that women dreamed about being draped and bound over a spanking bench. Build one, a bench, and they will come.



Being locked in tends to play with the mind.


It looks like a TV dinner table to me, but it works for her.

old desk

We had these old style desks in the seventh grade. The floors were wood and soaked in decades of liberally applied linseed oil. The building would have burned quickly. [No, I had nothing to do with it!] And no, I was never bent over one of these desks. This was the only grade that I escaped the paddle. They were trying something different on me – sitting on a couch in the office.

7 thoughts on “Spanking Benches”

  1. I love all the photo's connected with the 'spanking benches'. But my favorite is the one with the naughty lady receiving the cane, across her bare bottom, wearing garter-belt and stockings. Wow! it sure is a sexual and erotic one. Thanks, and Spanks.

  2. SOB, I included the caning picture just for you. We took both of our benches apart two years ago and discarded the parts. Just room from them in a smaller home. A sad day. Not a single cane left in the house. We are just getting by with wood and leather paddles, crops and belts, plus assorted bondage equipment.

  3. I have never been able to introduce one into our house, a spanking bench that is. there must be a market for something which looks like a regualr chair but can be turned into something bench like without a lot of fuss.

  4. we were just asking someone on IPun who had built a bench for better pictures so hubby could build one… and yes something that “transforms” from a bench into furniture would be great… Last summer at a garage sale, I found a old telephone table… kinda a seat attached to a small table… Ask the lady about it… her sister chimed in with “sell it cheap…I have bad memories of it. I ask why… she said that it was what her Dad turned her over for spankings…. Just had to laugh;


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