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First thanks for all the caption suggestions in the last post. The imaginations you folks have.


Rollin Hand wrote about F/M spanking vids. Go read his post now, if you have not already done so, so this post will make sense to you.

I agree with every thing he wrote. I just want to add my two cents to the conversation. He homed in on F/M, I will broaden the topic to include all gender mixes. It’s just as boring to me to see a woman not reacting to a paddling as it is a man. I know there are iron bottomed folks who can take a beating without so much as a flinch. It may be good for them, but it’s boring to me to paddle them.

Over 80% of spanking vids have punishment as the reason for the spanking. And especially with F/M vids, this includes scolding and lecturing. Since I would never be paddled as punishment, a scolding by a shrill woman turns me off. Being a alpha male who likes to be paddled is complicated.

Rollin wrote “One bright ray on the horizon is Pandora’s Prove Your Love.” The prior clips I have seen of Pandora being spanked did nothing for me, but I still checked out Prove Your Love and it is exactly what I like – playful male and female switches. Just like it is around here. Watch the clip.

Dreams-of-Spanking_prove-your-love005_thumb Dreams-of-Spanking_prove-your-love015_thumb


Pandora is cute in this clip and I am not only talking about her body shape. Love the smiles.

Love the boy meets girl, boy spanks girl, girl spanks boy theme.

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  1. That's indeed a wonderful video. What I love about Pandora is that she tries very different things instead of repeating the same formula over and over. Of course that means not every video she makes caters to the mainstream spanking video viewer's fantasy. But those who are looking for a difference can find rare constellations and themes. Plus, all people involved are into it wholeheartedly.

    A Happy New Year to you, Bogey and Bacall! I wish you all the best for 2014.

  2. From what I know about video, I'd have to opine that 99% of it depicts “punishment” scenarios. In other words very few videos attempt to portray spanking as mere light hearted foreplay. Now maybe, this is because most spanking vids do not mix sex and spanking. The feeling might be that the models involved don't want to do “porn” with the explicit sex and all. Given that, “spanking as foreplay” might not sell because they won't do the sex scene.
    One exception I can think of is a Shadow Lane video called something like “Spanking and Sex Overload” which is a sex vid with spanking as foreplay. Not very many like that out there,I don't think.

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