Some Things I Like

Listening to her talk about her thoughts on spanking  when she was a “girl”.

Having her select the paddle I will use on her. I like the moment when she hands it to me.

Always being surprised that she carefully considers her choices and picks the meanest one.

Seeing her self spank to see how a paddle feels. I will let this go on forever.

Seeing the lingerie she has carefully chosen to show me.

Watching her prepare herself for the paddling. Bending over, pulling her skirt up and her panties down, assuming the position then waiting. And waiting some more.

Hearing her suck in her breath when the paddle lands and watching as she pushes her bottom back out ready for the next lick.

Encouraging her to express the naughty thoughts she is having, then listening attentively.

Touching her and finding out her naughty thoughts are having quite an effect on her.

Telling her she will get some relief, after she takes another six licks.


I was reading a non-spanking article that mentioned palmatoria. This was a new word to me so I Goggled it found that one of the meanings refers to a paddle that is used by South American countries, sometimes on the palm, sometimes on the buttocks. The word is also used to denote punishment in Chinese schools. Google it yourself.

palmatoria1 palmatoria2

palmatoria3 palmatoria4

A round paddle on the end of long lever could be brutal. Think bath brush.

The teacher in this clip seems to have a long list of names that will get the palmatoria or ruler on the palm. The licks do not seem to have much effect on the kids. I was a wuss when I got the ruler on my palms in school.


How did these Nazi hats get adopted by the BDSM crowd?

Pandora PEPLove 11

Remember the beach blanket movies with Frankie and Annette? Didn’t the biker dude, Eric Von Zipper, wear one of these? Gawd, those were terrible movies. But, we went to see gals in a bikini’s, which was risky for the day.

 nazi hat2

In Praise Of Size 12’s


I have never been attracted to waifs, size 2’s and less. Bacall was a 7 when we married. That’s on the thin side. I was 6’4”, 185 with a 32 inch waistline. So we were a fit physically. Most models look like they need to eat. Our daughter is one of them. Three kids, tall like me and needs to gain weight. She wears layered clothes to hide her bones. Oh well, I suppose being thin is so much better than being overweight if you plan to live a long life.

I read that size 14  is the average for an American woman. However, size 14 is among the least purchased sizes. So it seems that being a size 14 and buying a size 14 are in fact two very different things. It seems that women who used to be a size 8 or 10 and have gained weight often simply don’t want to shop for a size 14 or 16. Consequently, they make do with what they have. Women sizes 20 and up, many of whom perhaps have been plus-size their entire lives, seem to be more likely to have accepted themselves physically and shop as frequently as single-digit sizes.

I suppose that some women would blame men for their avoidance of wearing their real dress size.

Bacall and I have both beat anorexia and gained weight beyond what we could have imagined we might ever weigh when we married. We have both been dieting for two months. I lost 19 pounds in three weeks, but have hit a plateau and only lost three pounds the second month. Likewise for Bacall.

Anywho, I just wanted to say that skinny gals hold little attraction for me. I might swivel my head around for second look, but it’s one of incredulity.

Size 12-14 seem about ideal to me now and ideal for spanking.

Here’s Robin Lawley in her scanties. Looks good to me.


We had lunch with some friends in a small berg last week. I took no notice of an average sized women when she first walked past our table as she had on a long coat. However, my eyeballs came out when she took off her coat and went to the restroom. She had on a form fitting dress that showed every curve. Like this one.


I sure hope this dress style become popular. Don’t you? Sadly she put her coat back on as the blooming ceiling fan was on high and the chain was broken.

Spanking Benches

This is not the first post on spanking benches we have done. [See tag in the right column]

It seems that all activities evolve to include special equipment. Spanking included.

Here are some examples of custom built spanking furniture suitably adorned with willing participants.


In my younger spanking years, I never thought that women dreamed about being draped and bound over a spanking bench. Build one, a bench, and they will come.



Being locked in tends to play with the mind.


It looks like a TV dinner table to me, but it works for her.

old desk

We had these old style desks in the seventh grade. The floors were wood and soaked in decades of liberally applied linseed oil. The building would have burned quickly. [No, I had nothing to do with it!] And no, I was never bent over one of these desks. This was the only grade that I escaped the paddle. They were trying something different on me – sitting on a couch in the office.

Spanking Videos

First thanks for all the caption suggestions in the last post. The imaginations you folks have.


Rollin Hand wrote about F/M spanking vids. Go read his post now, if you have not already done so, so this post will make sense to you.

I agree with every thing he wrote. I just want to add my two cents to the conversation. He homed in on F/M, I will broaden the topic to include all gender mixes. It’s just as boring to me to see a woman not reacting to a paddling as it is a man. I know there are iron bottomed folks who can take a beating without so much as a flinch. It may be good for them, but it’s boring to me to paddle them.

Over 80% of spanking vids have punishment as the reason for the spanking. And especially with F/M vids, this includes scolding and lecturing. Since I would never be paddled as punishment, a scolding by a shrill woman turns me off. Being a alpha male who likes to be paddled is complicated.

Rollin wrote “One bright ray on the horizon is Pandora’s Prove Your Love.” The prior clips I have seen of Pandora being spanked did nothing for me, but I still checked out Prove Your Love and it is exactly what I like – playful male and female switches. Just like it is around here. Watch the clip.

Dreams-of-Spanking_prove-your-love005_thumb Dreams-of-Spanking_prove-your-love015_thumb


Pandora is cute in this clip and I am not only talking about her body shape. Love the smiles.

Love the boy meets girl, boy spanks girl, girl spanks boy theme.

What About OBB?

Every freaking January people announce what they will or will not do in the new year. These resolutions die in the first week. Here’s ours: We have no plans to change OBB. Tune in toward the end of December and see if we kept our promise.

We pledge more of the same ole grammatically incorrect posts about topics that in some way interest us. We know our readers like pictures more than pontification, but we will attempt to communicate with words when the mood strikes us. If we bore you, there are thousands of Tumblr sites all with the same pictures. Go at it. Collect the whole lot of them. We will post pictures that interest us and hope you like them also.

Our first post was August 15, 2007. There have been 814 posts since then. We have posted occasionally, five days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and most recently Monday and Wednesday. I think we will return to occasionally.

In the early days of OBB, I asked readers to caption pictures. This was before I knew of Hermonie’s Blog. I got precious few responses, so I quit it when I found it was already being done. However, being several IQ points down the scale from Hermoine (and her readers) I very seldom can think of caption for her pictures. They just leave me cold. So here is one I like. It appeals to my moderate IQ.  You have three chances to win. You can say what anyone of the pictured folks is thinking.

caption this

Hoping for a few more comments to show your interest and a few more followers in the new year. Guess we have been infected with the attention whore virus.

Our best to you and yours!