Real Talent

Today, we showcase a gal with real talent.

Background for those who live across the pond. Solo Cups are a brand name for plastic coated paper cups. They come in several colors, but red has always been my fav. Last year, Bacall’s favorite country singer/writer, Toby Keith, wrote a song about them. The song opens with these lyrics: “Red Solo cup is the best receptacle for barbecues, tailgates, fairs, and festivals. And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicles if you prefer drinking from a glass.

Looking at the video, it nice to see that young adult parties have not changed since we were young.

In this picture you can see the results of using this product. I am sure that you are just as shocked as I am to see such high jinks. I suppose that some of you feel they should corrected for their behavior.

red solo cup

The quintessentially American red Solo Cup, it is now available for sale through a specialty website—Party Cups U.K.—targeting British revelers who wish to re-create the ambience of an American land-grant university frat house. The site sells nothing but red Solo cups, and every order includes printed rulebooks for Beer Pong and Flip Cup, which the home page informs us are “the Americans’ drinking games of choice.”

So here she is, a gal with real talent.

red solo cup

After reading this classy post, you probably want more. Well, here ya go. James McMurtry performing his Choctaw Bingo. If you are not a cultured Americano Redneck, don’t listen to it – you will not get it. Brits, forget it. To the rest, see ya at the John T. Floore Country Store.

3 thoughts on “Real Talent”

  1. One does wonder exactly how you work out you can do that? If she filled the cup and managed to bounce it without spilling any of the liquid in it now that she could charge people money to see!

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