Spanking And Orgasm

I have known women that could go through almost endless cycles of spanking and orgasm. Those women are not for me, I can’t stay up that late. Grin.

An orgasm before a spanking does not have the same degree of reduced libido on a woman as it does for a man. [This is my opinion only] I say this because some women are like the Energizer Bunny – they can keep going and going. The desire for more spanking and orgasms just does abate as quickly for a woman as it does for a man. I think most men and women will agree that after two successive orgasms most men are spent and ready for a nap.


I know that a spanking is the last thing I want after an orgasm. For men that are into real punishment, it would make sense to get rid of the rigidness before the spanking to take all the pleasure out of the spanking.

6 thoughts on “Spanking And Orgasm”

  1. Ha ha, I am one of those lucky women who climaxes from spanking. And you are right I can often do many before being done. Luckily hubby considers it foreplay waits till I am done or have had enough before having his way with me. And of course after waiting he is really ready for it, and I am so appreciative that I will do just about anything he desires. It works well for us!~~!~


  2. I agree how being spanked after orgasm is a very effective way to give a man a punishment spanking. This idea was suggested to my wife a few months ago and the two punishment spankings I have since then have certainly seemed to hurt more than when I was spanked before climaxing.

  3. It's like what Woody Allen said to the hooker: “I'd like a spanking and a blow job — in that order. The order is VERY important.”

  4. like you and almost all males [except those under twenty who use substances. . . ] I am one and done. I think the phrase “beating a dead horse” comes to mind here. …

  5. Spanking hurt 10 times more after an orgasm totally and no doubt. I hate when I am milked and spanked, well don't hate it but it is not fun!

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