Christmas Break

The beatings here continue unabated. In fact, during the 12 Days there have paddle pops almost every day. Bacall got the full, and long neglected, treatment last week – cuffs, blindfold, spreader bar. She was a happy girl. I really need to do this more often.

I am tired of blogging, so I am going to take a break. Looking at other blogs, it seems other folks are tired and just going through the motions.

I wanted to post the obligatory Christmas themed spanking pictures. You have, no doubt, seen them elsewhere. Not much new in the spanking world. For the most part, the same pictures are posted in every corner of the spankverse. There is the old tale that instead of repeating the same story again, the teller would just say #44 and everyone would recall it and laugh. Maybe that is what we should do with spanking pictures. At least, we post some original content from time-to-time.

merry christmas darling santa

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

You guys can amuse yourselves with this until we get back.


Grab Bag

You never know what you will find on OBB. To tell the truth, we don’t either. Today, I am posting some items that are not related to each other.

First is a poster that I find little that has much to do with reality – at least in the world I live in. When leather outranks wood on the pain scale, then I can only conclude the ratings were done by a biased Scot. Horse hockey.

Footnote: On markings. There is a manual used as a reference in domestic violence. One section depicts the marks left by sundry implements. I doubt that my involvement will be carved on my tombstone. And before the fact, I did not know she was going to take selfies and include them in the reference. Paddles with holes do NOT leave distinctive markings. Unless you stop at one lick.


Cheerleader22 copy

This is not the reason why Alabama lost to Auburn. Football games would be a lot more interesting with more and longer shots of the scenery.

forest floor

The perfect forest for outdoor activities. No briars, smooth tree bark. Looks good doesn’t it Bacall?

men don't do this

You will never find men doing anything like this. That’s why I always prefer to play with the girls.


I am thinking this must be something like heaven.

Enough foolishness for one day.

Downward-Facing Dog

Have you ever tried this Yoga position for spanking? I had a day dream and this image floated across my eyeballs. Not sure where it came from. I don’t think we have used it. I am pretty sure I have never put anyone in the position. But, it sure got my attention and reminded me that we had once again gotten complacent and fallen into using the same positions most of the times. She reminded me that she likes it over the sofa and I promised to make sure that happens more often.

At our next bottom warming session, I went dog down and she put the paddle to me. I was able to maintain position without any difficulty and she remarked that that she had no difficulty putting the paddle to me. It’s new and fresh to us and will be a keeper position.


I suggest that you assume the position and wait for a minute or so for the first paddle lick. I think you will find the interlude in the dog down position to make your mind explore all sorts of ends.

I asked the elves in the vault to send up a picture illustrating either a man or a woman being paddled dog down. They said this was the only thing close to it.


Looks like a picture from Leda. The pointed toe shoes are from that period per Bacall. Short skirts are always in style for me. I think dog down would be a lot more comfortable than knees on a wood chair.


For the grammar police: Which is correct?

I have never put anyone in the position.

I have never put anyone into the position.

We both go with the first one.

Real Talent

Today, we showcase a gal with real talent.

Background for those who live across the pond. Solo Cups are a brand name for plastic coated paper cups. They come in several colors, but red has always been my fav. Last year, Bacall’s favorite country singer/writer, Toby Keith, wrote a song about them. The song opens with these lyrics: “Red Solo cup is the best receptacle for barbecues, tailgates, fairs, and festivals. And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicles if you prefer drinking from a glass.

Looking at the video, it nice to see that young adult parties have not changed since we were young.

In this picture you can see the results of using this product. I am sure that you are just as shocked as I am to see such high jinks. I suppose that some of you feel they should corrected for their behavior.

red solo cup

The quintessentially American red Solo Cup, it is now available for sale through a specialty website—Party Cups U.K.—targeting British revelers who wish to re-create the ambience of an American land-grant university frat house. The site sells nothing but red Solo cups, and every order includes printed rulebooks for Beer Pong and Flip Cup, which the home page informs us are “the Americans’ drinking games of choice.”

So here she is, a gal with real talent.

red solo cup

After reading this classy post, you probably want more. Well, here ya go. James McMurtry performing his Choctaw Bingo. If you are not a cultured Americano Redneck, don’t listen to it – you will not get it. Brits, forget it. To the rest, see ya at the John T. Floore Country Store.

Spanking And Orgasm

I have known women that could go through almost endless cycles of spanking and orgasm. Those women are not for me, I can’t stay up that late. Grin.

An orgasm before a spanking does not have the same degree of reduced libido on a woman as it does for a man. [This is my opinion only] I say this because some women are like the Energizer Bunny – they can keep going and going. The desire for more spanking and orgasms just does abate as quickly for a woman as it does for a man. I think most men and women will agree that after two successive orgasms most men are spent and ready for a nap.


I know that a spanking is the last thing I want after an orgasm. For men that are into real punishment, it would make sense to get rid of the rigidness before the spanking to take all the pleasure out of the spanking.