Packing A Paddle

camping16 Getting your bottom toasted outside is a special treat for a lot of us, top, bottom, male or female. We have paddled each other in quite a few places over the years. Sometimes a few pops. Other times, we enjoy a more extended session. This year, I had planned to paddle Bacall in the woods, tied to a tree. But, we never got to a place where all the requisite conditions came together. Trees with smooth bark so as not to scratch the skin. A clean forest floor devoid of briars, etc. Reasonably level terrain, paddling on a steep hillside is no fun. Maybe next year.

We have walked in the woods with a small paddle in my back pocket or in a backpack; stopping frequently to paddle each other. I read about a new way, to us anyway, to carry a paddle. At a spanking party a female top carried a small paddle tucked under her bra on her side. Hidden, but easily accessed with the right sort of top on. I like that. The man might be thinking, she is not packing, so it will be a hand spanking. And then presto. For me, it works as well to have the woman carry in her bra and produce it on demand. She would be constantly aware of the paddle and what is going to happen to her.

6 thoughts on “Packing A Paddle”

  1. Really, how nice for you. For some reason, I am enamored with carrying it the bra strap. So convenient for a walk in the woods. I will have to have Bacall test it for comfort. There is only one part of her that I like to give discomfort.

  2. Hopefully figured this out. Any way love that picture. We ride our motorcycle everywhere in the summer. So there are many times when pulling over for a rest finds us in lonely private areas. We always pack a small paddle in the trunk. It is amazing how many times it gets used….love the outdoors!!!!

  3. I think (wish ha-ha) that Papa may set her fine botty ablaze with that paddle… the tent somewhere I think. Brenda x

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