Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover


Some folks will see this cute little goat pictured on blogrolls and figure this post has nada to do with spanking – that there are no pictures of cute gals getting their bottoms toasted. I am such a devil.


Rollin Hand has set some of his stories in the mountainous area of the Georgia where this spanking took place. Is that a short plaid skirt pulled up to expose her black garter belt, panties and hose? It sure looks like she dressed up expecting to be spanked. Bacall well knows his lap and large hand. Remember the decor. There will be a quiz later.


She changed clothes, venue and spanker, but her bottom is still red.

5 thoughts on “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”

  1. I have always enjoyed a naughty woman's bare bottom, encased in garter-belt and stockings. It accents her sexually erotic naked rear end.

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