How We Change

This is our first post since I installed Windows 7 on my MacBook. I know that it is blasphemy for many Mac heads, but having just purchased two programs that have no like beast on the Mac platform, I bit the bullet and installed Parallels so I can run Mountain Lion and Windows 7 at the same time. It works. Of course, Windows sucks up a lot of processing and slows down everything, but I can now use some much missed apps. One of the apps, is Windows Live, a free blogging app that works much better than anything available on the Mac platform at any cost.

OK, now today’s post. It’s always interesting to me to see how our spanking lives change. Things move along with a sameness and something happens and your attention is focused on something new. It’s usually something of little consequence, still it is always good to have freshness in life.

I have been spending a little time this last month chatting online. I have not done this in over a decade. I stumbled on a small forum where the folks are friendly. [I could never get interested in Fetlife and no one on Fetlife had any interest in us] So I am chatting with this woman and she types “Well, we will introduce you to the strap”. I replied that straps did not do it for me as much as wood paddles. The chat ended soon after that I thought no more about her remark. No more that is until the next morning when I woke up seeing a wide brown strap being used on me. OK, no big deal. The next morning I woke up with the exact same image in my wee brain. After breakfast, I got out a strap that I made over a decade back. It’s two layers of latigo tanned leather mounted on an ergonomic handle. I made it to use on Bacall and other gals. I have felt it before, but it was never on my play list. I swatted Bacall with it a few times and got the expected Oh’s. I then asked for her to use it on me. Over my thin shorts it was Simply Yummy! I got going on the morning projects, but after 15 minutes, I asked Bacall to give me some more. I pulled my shorts down and she landed a few more. I then got to the projects with increased enthusiasm.

So to my cyber friend, thanks for the change. It’s small, but it’s enjoyable and appreciated. Just goes to show how something you say or do affects others.

All you need to know about latigo tanned leather is that it’s stiff. I made the handle so it can be used with accuracy. No wrapping.

We will go out today with surf music. Dick Dale’s classic Miserlou. You may think of Pulp Fiction, I recall a beach bar in Mission Beach circa 1966. A picture of beer, with a small can of tomato juice in it and two fish taco’s. Tab about $5.

7 thoughts on “How We Change”

  1. Clear evidence no doubt, the power of suggestion is alive and well in Spankoland.

    Or for the pun-aware out there…the power of positive “kink-ing”.


  2. ITs always great to discover new things (or sometimes to re-discover old things). Nice work on the handle and now you have inspired me to get out some Dick Dale to listen to, today.

  3. We agree with what you say about Fetlife, but there are spankos on there (like us) if you look hard enough.

    We both love your blog, especially the recent post about femdom. Keep up the good work.

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