Stop Acting Like Whores – Amen

This is a spanking blog. I feel there are too many spanking blogs, who post what I term porn. Here’s what Parks and Recreation” star Rashida Jones has too say about too much nudity.

Off my soap box.

3 thoughts on “Stop Acting Like Whores – Amen”

  1. It does depend on what is defined as porn and who defines what porn is. For example, there are some who would consider even this blog as pornography.

    So who does have the credentials to determine this?

  2. After reading Rashida tweets, the one who is the instigator of your post, I have reached the conclusion that she only opened her mouth as a publicity stunt. Her show may be having trouble competing against shows in the same timeslot.

    Hers is a commonly used ploy. Now the sad part of this, outside of the desperation, will be to see just how many people fall for it. The ones who flock to her banner and light torches in her honor and seek to remove this imagined scourge from Hollywood. I have always found it funny that other countries do not have the same hangup with nudity that we do.

    Now about your “women who spread their lips for the camera are trash” statement and the follow up, both of which I am guessing go in concert with your view regarding spanking blogs and sites of similar nature, a question.

    What do you consider the women whose pictures decorate your blog here? The ones who bare their backsides for the camera. What is your view of them and those who enjoy watching their videos?

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