When I published the pictures of the tramp in the “plastic” bra and panties, I did not know they were made from vinyl, which has been around as fetish wear for some time. It seems to have more of a niche in the BDSM community, but is also found in spanko land. While a new fetish is always fun, I have never been attracted to vinyl. It looks like it would be really hot to wear. We used to wear wet suits when sailing in the winter and they kept us toasty. But when the air warmed up, it made no difference how chilly the water was, those suckers were hot.
Anywho, for the men who like the vinyl look, here are two pictures for you.
She looks good, but she must be hot in that.

2 thoughts on “Vinyl”

  1. I'd imagine it is really hot and would get very sweaty and uncomfortable. I've also heard stories from women in a vinyl dress/skirt share that once you have to pull it up, it can be difficult to get back down, as it sticks to itself.

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