A New Switch

About the middle of last year, Bacall started having pain in her right shoulder. This degraded her ability to paddle me. By the time she had surgery this January, she had really lost her touch. Then there were months of therapy and paddling me was not feasible. No problem, I paddled her more often. 
Over this period of time, my bottom got real sensitive. When she recovered, I was doing good to take a dozen of her best swats. A few weeks ago I decided that if she gave me a few pops every day, it might toughen me up some. Well, I am pleased to report that it did, but that is not the reason I am writing about all this. During the last few days of my toughen up regime, after she popped me, she opted for pops with the Principal’s paddle. The same paddle she was using on me and had always said that there was no way I could use it on her. I obliged her. She handled it with aplomb. She said it stung for a long time, but it was nothing severe.
The day after we got home, we planned a welcome home paddling. Lots of space, plenty of swing room, more places to bend over, etc. To my surprise she got only got out two paddles, the ones that are normally reserved for me. She said she wanted to test to see if she was as paddle proof as she felt. Well she was. She got a good going over. Her skin got really red. But, she was happy that she was able to take the pops. That’s my Bacall.
These are the paddles that got used. We call them the Principal’s and Teacher’s. They are both southern pine and have quite the burn. The Principal’s goes back to early marriage. The Teacher’s is relatively new, maybe 10 years old.
Toys paddles  mine
BTW, When we first tried to order the Leonista panties that we posted about a few weeks back, they were out of stock. Just how many panties did you order Ronnie? Tried again the next week, the order went through and the panties arrived Friday. We have tried them on. They offer no control, but are they ever so thin in the back. I think they will be put to good use Sunday morning. A product testing review will be forthcoming.

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  1. The paddles look good and you seem to be back in the groove at home. Look forward to hearing just how thin those panties are. I still haven't purchased a pair.

  2. I need to look into these panties…..just got my bottom spanked yesterday, third time in two months…had been a long time and still need to get my bottom in better shape.

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