Fall Is In The Air

Yes, Autumn is in the air.  Autumn means different things to different people.  The days are cooler.  We can have our morning coffee outside.  We can play in the woodshed!   This morning Bogey told me he needed to see me in the woodshed.  Now after many years of marriage and my excitement after the purchase of the woodshed, I knew exactly what was going to go on in the woodshed.  There was a paddle on the bench just waiting for me.  I got a couple of stinging pops.  The sound in the woodshed enhances the experience.  As a matter of fact, the sting lasted for many minutes.  So we had breakfast, read the paper and then it was back to the woodshed.  I took my pops and decided that I was in a good mood and asked for more, which were happily given.  Then it was my turn to give Bogey pops because, being the good girl that I am, I didn’t want him to feel neglected.  We came back to the house and Bogey took out our oldest and stingiest paddle.  I smiled and gave him several hard and quick pops.  We both had smiles on our faces.

Lashed Before The Mast

You know the story of Odysseus having his crew lash him to the mast of he could hear the Sirens song. Well this is not about that. It’s a memory of something that happened just about as long ago.

The idea was not original to me. Bacall reads fiction and at the time she was reading Nelson Demille’s Gold Coast. There is a scene where the protagonist ties his wife to the mast of their sailboat and flogs her. Well, this was of high interest to Bacall. She is all about bondage and flogging. We raced a small boat, but since it was a tippy, go faster than hell boat it was not at all suitable for the purpose. We needed a more stable platform. 


The first weekend of October, we took our tippy little boat to a lake in Tennessee for a regatta. We got there early on Friday with the express purpose of spending the afternoon on a friends San Juan 21 – not a huge boat, but adequate for our purposes. I had not told Bacall about my plans. It was one of those glorious Fall days, warm, with a light breeze to keep things pleasant. We sailed to a secluded slough had lunch and broke out some vino. After two glasses Bacall was well lubricated and up for anything fun. I asked our host if he had any cotton covered line I could use to bind a wench to the mast. You should have seen Bacall’s face, she never had a poker face and it was easy to read her as “I am all in on this”.

I removed her top, but left her bra on. I tied her wrists, had her face the mast and completed lashing her to the mast. I took the floggers from the bag I had secreted them in and slowly began to flog her back. Now understand these floggers have little bite, rather they are quite sensual. After a time, I removed her bra, untied her and put her back to the mast, so I could flog her breasts.

All this had quite the effect on on hosts and we traded positions and watched as he flogged his girlfriend. We wonder what happened to them.

All’s Well That Ends Well

There are two new stories from one of the best spanking story writers, Rollin Hand. The first one Mrs. Hansen’s Boarding House starts with the non-consenual spanking of teenagers attending college, who are required by their parents to reside with Mrs. Hansen – a no nonsense woman. Mrs Hanse keeps track of their behavior and offenses. The story line gets a bit dark in middle section, but the tale ends well in full sunlight. In our estimation a furious coupling that climaxed in a white blaze of rapid jerking, of bodies slamming together with abandon is always a good ending.

I have read Rolling Hand’s stories for over a decade, starting in the days of the SSS newsgroup. He is not one that I can put in a box. You never know how his tales will end when you start one. He seems to enjoy surprising the reader. I don’t enjoy every story I read, but I marvel at the wide breadth of his ability to spin a good spanking tale.

Do yourself a favor and visit

Rollin Hand’s Disciplinary Tales

 and see what’s new.

Our New Panties

You may remember a couple of posts ago when Bogey posted a picture of some panties by Leonisa.  I don’t remember how I found them, but I thought they were very pretty and so did Bogey.  We ordered a green pair and a burgundy  pair.  They arrived yesterday and they are as pretty as the picture, but very sheer. This morning I put on the burgundy pair.  As always, I am the test subject.  I’m thinking, “they aren’t that sheer” so no big deal.  We have a very nice leather paddle that a friend made for us.  One side is just perfect to me, it’s very sensuous and it’s burgundy.  The other side is a real stinger and it’s black.  I got many pops with the burgundy side and it was just what I wanted.  Thank goodness we did not order the black panties!  As I am being paddled across Bogey’s leg, I’m thinking about which paddle he should next use and I decided that my “holey” paddle would be nice and followed by the light weight pine paddle that has a big sting.

I was so wrong in my thinking that the panties would provide protection – they did not – no even one little bit!  My “holey” paddle stung and it stung a lot and after 45 minutes, I still have a warm bottom.  Tomorrow Bogey will be the test subject and it will be interesting to see his reaction.

Bogey writes: Tomorrow came a week later and it was my birthday. We both put on our new panties. Damn they are smooth. You can barely tell when your fingers go from panties to flesh. We gave each other pops. Bacall kindly consented to take half of my licks. Such a good girl. The panties offer little protection from the sting of the wood paddle. Such fun we had from a indulging ourselves in our panty fetish.

Bacall again: Today is Bogey’s birthday.  Birthday spankings are a tradition in the U. S., don’t know about other cultures. We have accumulated many birthday pops over the years.  So many, in fact, that we spread them over a couple of days.  I told him that I would give him birthday pops today and the rest in a couple of days.  Bogey thought he should take half of the pops and I should take the other half.  This just doesn’t seem fair because my memory is not failing so much that I can’t remember him taking half of my pops on my birthday that was only a month ago.  

Tonight I am fixing him his favorite meal for his birthday.  I hope it’s good and he enjoys it.


When I published the pictures of the tramp in the “plastic” bra and panties, I did not know they were made from vinyl, which has been around as fetish wear for some time. It seems to have more of a niche in the BDSM community, but is also found in spanko land. While a new fetish is always fun, I have never been attracted to vinyl. It looks like it would be really hot to wear. We used to wear wet suits when sailing in the winter and they kept us toasty. But when the air warmed up, it made no difference how chilly the water was, those suckers were hot.
Anywho, for the men who like the vinyl look, here are two pictures for you.
She looks good, but she must be hot in that.

A New Switch

About the middle of last year, Bacall started having pain in her right shoulder. This degraded her ability to paddle me. By the time she had surgery this January, she had really lost her touch. Then there were months of therapy and paddling me was not feasible. No problem, I paddled her more often. 
Over this period of time, my bottom got real sensitive. When she recovered, I was doing good to take a dozen of her best swats. A few weeks ago I decided that if she gave me a few pops every day, it might toughen me up some. Well, I am pleased to report that it did, but that is not the reason I am writing about all this. During the last few days of my toughen up regime, after she popped me, she opted for pops with the Principal’s paddle. The same paddle she was using on me and had always said that there was no way I could use it on her. I obliged her. She handled it with aplomb. She said it stung for a long time, but it was nothing severe.
The day after we got home, we planned a welcome home paddling. Lots of space, plenty of swing room, more places to bend over, etc. To my surprise she got only got out two paddles, the ones that are normally reserved for me. She said she wanted to test to see if she was as paddle proof as she felt. Well she was. She got a good going over. Her skin got really red. But, she was happy that she was able to take the pops. That’s my Bacall.
These are the paddles that got used. We call them the Principal’s and Teacher’s. They are both southern pine and have quite the burn. The Principal’s goes back to early marriage. The Teacher’s is relatively new, maybe 10 years old.
Toys paddles  mine
BTW, When we first tried to order the Leonista panties that we posted about a few weeks back, they were out of stock. Just how many panties did you order Ronnie? Tried again the next week, the order went through and the panties arrived Friday. We have tried them on. They offer no control, but are they ever so thin in the back. I think they will be put to good use Sunday morning. A product testing review will be forthcoming.

Spanking Girls Since 1961

When I went to MBS the other day the most recently posted blog link happened to be Spanking Girls Since 1986. I was 15 or 16 when I first spanked a girl and I needed a post title, so… now you know I am an old fart.
One of the more scholarly readers of OBB, inquired about my early spanking adventures. I suggested if he would click on “Memories” on the right side of this page, he would find a few descriptions from my teenage years and my early 20’s. The interesting thing about these early spankings to me is that I never, not once, ever thought “I want to spank Betty so bad”. Spanking was not something I thought about. My dates would do something to “earn” a spanking – something like hiding the car keys. I was John Wayne then. All peaceful and well mannered, until provoked and then I took charge. Taking charge meant clearing the decks to get to the bottom and smacking away until I heard something like “Uncle”. Looking back I am sure the little minx’s did it on purpose. But, how did they know what I would do? Did they do it to all dates? Was spanking as common as it is now? Was casual spanking as depicted on Bryan’s blog prevalent then? [Hint, those are all questions you may comment on]
The other side of the coin for me was that after the spanking, I had a half nude young gal. And for her, she had not surrendered to my charm. While she might have offered token resistance to being disrobed, she had not been seduced, even though removing tight jeans or shorts can not be done without some help. So now she has her pants and panties down with little acquiesce of her own. Perfect. It’s like being a professional virgin. It did not count because I did not know his last name, he was from out of town, etc. I was not always “lucky”, but I think things went a lot farther and quicker than if spanking had not entered the picture. Anyway, that’s the way I see it now. Then I was asserting myself and enjoying what came.
The first time I wanted to be spanked was when I was 19. I was trading some adult literature with a guy and one of his magazines had the cover picture of two women spanking each other. In a flash, I was hooked. I wanted them to spank me. I wanted to spank them. Now I had a secret. Spanking was no longer just something that happened to my dates, it was something dark. Something to be hidden. I still spanked, but I was very cautious, trying not to let them know it excited me.
I was 21 the first time I really wanted to spank a girl. And she had done nothing to warrant it. She came over and I hugged her hello. My hands were on her bottom and I felt a girdle. This was new. I asked her about it and she told me her Mother made her wear it. We had been caught making out on the sofa at her Mom’s house, where she lived, a few days before. We were dressed, but our clothes were in disarray. Evidently, her Mom thought the girdle would keep her little girl out of trouble. I lifted her dress up and it was a full blown girdle, up to her bra and with long legs. In a flash, she was OTK, the girdle was down and I was spanking her. Of course, I was taking out on her what her Mom had made her do. That evening marked a change, now I would actively try to spank women. Still do.

End Of Summer

It seems odd, to me, to talk about the end of summer, since it is over 90 degrees and will remain so for some few weeks. However, after Labor Day, tradition says Summer is over. You put away your white clothes for whatever is not white and not too damn hot to wear.
Bug eyes
So with this picture, I bid Sumer adieu.
Let’s take another look. Could it be someone we know on a birthday trip to Spain? I don’t want to leave!
A reader sent us several pictures of young lasses in short plaid skirts, so here is yet another edition of those wonderful garments.

Short plaid skirt42

Just right, covers nothing, playful house wear 

Short plaid skirt100

What’s with the boots? To keep her from kicking? I hope the handcuff key does not get lost.
Short plaid skirt101That’s going to burn

Oh, yeah, there are still a few more cheerleaders to post. And that’s in keeping with the end of summer. Until then.