Paddling For Exercise

As regular readers know we don’t spank for any reason other than sexy fun. We don’t try to catch the other doing something wrong or that might be annoying and spank them as a remedy. We know we are in the minority about this, but it’s the way we like it. It is rarely mentioned by them, but several of the most popular spanking blogs use spanking the same way we do.
If I want to paddle her or she me, the only pretense we need is “Bend Over”.
That said, Bacall got a motivation paddling last week. In fact she has gotten two such paddling’s recently. She had shoulder surgery the first of the year and went to physical therapy three times a week for over three months. She was released on the condition that she would continue with her exercises. She slacked off. She told me I should paddle her if she did not exercise. Since this is her paddling arm I have a vested interest in seeing that it fully recovers. She missed five days in a row and I gave her five solid pops, much harder than usual. This worked for a week. Then I gave her a dozen hard and fast on her panties. She does not want to think about what will happen if there is a third time. Do you dear?

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