Down Or Off?

As I suspected, my article on submission went over like lead balloon. Looks like all our readers want is pictures. Well, you will see some from time-to-time. But, you have to suck up some first. See Pretty Woman for a definition of major suckup.
For a spanking, I like any pants/underwear to be on or off, not pulled down. It just does not look or feel right to me to have them pulled down.  How about you?
On this subject, Bacall discovered these light control panties by Leonisa. We will be ordering matching panties when we get home. We love the way they shape the bottom. I will feel so naughty wearing them.


Why are so many spanking pictured taking place in the bathroom or kitchen? Those are the last places we want to be for a spanking. Yes, Bacall I remember you like it the walk-in closet. Just wait till we get home.

Odd 3 2

This picture is humorous to me

This picture is just damn silly

What’s that you say? You don’t feel like cooking? Now that I think about, I don’t either.
No tacky captions were over-layed on any picture used in this post.

Degreees Of Submission

Submissive Bacall and I are not. Since we all tend the see the world as we are, understanding a subject we don’t have first-hand experience of is problematic. Still, I try.

We don’t read blogs that incorporate punishment with spanking. The most popular spanking blog authors are women who do not need to be punished. On the other hand, most spanking blogs depict spanking as punishment. Isn’t that odd to you? The setup for most spanking video’s have some flimsy reason for a spanking. They talked too long on the phone or some such nonsense. Do we have to be bad in order to be spanked or to accept a spanking? I will come back around to that.  

At the extreme, we have met a few women who might be described as doormats. They want a dominate man so much, they will accept a good deal abuse to have Him. As a group, they are insecure, have little self-esteem and are often drama queens. They can not be spanked enough to attain the level of unworthiness they have of themselves. Spank me, humiliate me, let me suck your cock. There is a DSM code for this. Spanking is not a treatment.

Really submissive men are quite different. Their submission goes way beyond spanking. Like the extreme women mentioned above, they can not be spanked or humiliated enough. Many want to take it farther and want to be denied sex – have their equipment locked up, given ruined orgasms and denied vaginal intercourse. At the same time, they want to worship their mistress with their tongues. I wonder why oral sex is seen as being submissive? Bacall and I love making love. If I wanted to forgo penetrative sex and only worship her instead, she would clobber me.

I saw this on a femdom blog the other day – A denied man is an obedient man. A sexually satisfied man is a lazy man. These men must have different DNA than I do. In my younger years, being horny meant I could focus on little else than getting laid. My boss might have described me a lazy.

From another blog: A sub with no pleasure is an anxious and very obediant husband. On the one hand this is very beneficial for you. He will endlessly think that “today” is the day that he will be allowed a lovely little orgasm and if he is REALLY lucky, it just might be inside you.

That is ultimate submission to me folks. I don’t get the thrill of no sex. When I am paddled or when I paddle, the outcome is the same, we are both going to get laid. I was born with a certain number of heartbeats and a limited number of orgasms. While my heart is still beating, I intend to have every single orgasm I can. I do regret that my days of every day or even more than once a day are gone. Come to think of it, the heart is no longer what it once was.

I read some femdom blogs and I really wonder if all of the writers are women or men posing as women. Is this a women writing? I decided to spank him and then fuck him up the ass…..”Reach down and hold your cheeks wide apart for me. I want to see what I’m going to fuck.” I told him……”Are you going to take it up the ass like a two dollar whore?” I asked him. Lots of men and women like some type of anal stimulation. Why does it need to be forceful or sadistic?

I very recently learned, from an un-impeachable source, that there really are women who like to be served by men and do not charge for it.

Absolutely, there are femdom women who don’t charge fees. They tend to be lifestylers, into having slaves or subs all the time, not just for paid sessions.
A man I know used to play regularly with a pro domme. She never charged him a dime. Her reasoning was, “With clients, I have to keep the scene to what THEY want. With YOU, I can do whatever I want.” 

Another take, spanking is play.

From: SEXUELLE: July 2013
This is something like Bacall and I practice. It is part of a reply Sexuelle made to a reader question.

I have a feeling that I am in the minority of women that while I enjoy domination sexually, I also don’t have anything to do with punishment for punishments sake. What I mean is that spanking and other forms of light BDSM play is just that, play.. all in fun, unless there is maybe the occasional role play going on where the punishment/discipline is part of the game/scene.

However, spanking with a partner, especially a sexual partner, can be COMPLETELY different, especially since you find being dominated is very arousing.

I am telling you there is nothing so arousing as being over your man’s lap (again speaking from my point of view and experience). There is so much other than the spanking itself that all makes up the experience. It is being in his control, knowing you are trusting him, knowing this is what he wants to do, that he is dominating, in charge, macho, his hard body so contrasting with your softer one. The feel of his muscular thighs beneath you. And the feel of his hard cock pushing against you. And I promise it will be very hard. I am betting that there are few guys that would not be.
Then there is the spanking. The feel of heat and sting coursing thru your body as you squirm against him, so wanting more until a point where you almost beg for him to stop and desperately hope he does not. At this point, is when if I am going to have an orgasm (which has happened many times) it is almost mind numbing. If not, I will be going nuts for one. I will be so hot, wet, and probably begging him to stop and fuck me already.

And then it happens. Some of the best sex of your life, I promise. Sex after spanking is nuclear. You will kick yourself for not having done this sooner.

That is what I urge you anyone to try. Forget the punishment mindset for now, and try it!

Well said Sexuelle!

Male Cheerleaders

A reader commented: I went to an all boys prep school and we had male cheerleaders. Perhaps Bacall should find a few pics appropriate to my former situation?

So in fairness, Bacall looked for some beefcake, but this is all she found.

Wanna play

You might be surprised to learn that at its inception in the mid-1800s cheerleading was an all-male sport.  Characterized by gymnastics, stunts, and crowd leadership, cheerleading was considered equivalent in prestige to an American flagship of masculinity, football. Three presidents, two senators, a legendary TV producer, an iconic Hollywood leading man and Samuel L. Jackson — these are just some of the most SURPRISING collegiate male cheerleaders.

She did find photo’s of three male cheerleaders of note. Jimmy Stewart, RR and W. And you will really piss her off if you say anything negative about them.
Jimmy Stewart Princeton University

Ronald Reagan Eureka College
George W Bush Yale


Paddling For Exercise

As regular readers know we don’t spank for any reason other than sexy fun. We don’t try to catch the other doing something wrong or that might be annoying and spank them as a remedy. We know we are in the minority about this, but it’s the way we like it. It is rarely mentioned by them, but several of the most popular spanking blogs use spanking the same way we do.
If I want to paddle her or she me, the only pretense we need is “Bend Over”.
That said, Bacall got a motivation paddling last week. In fact she has gotten two such paddling’s recently. She had shoulder surgery the first of the year and went to physical therapy three times a week for over three months. She was released on the condition that she would continue with her exercises. She slacked off. She told me I should paddle her if she did not exercise. Since this is her paddling arm I have a vested interest in seeing that it fully recovers. She missed five days in a row and I gave her five solid pops, much harder than usual. This worked for a week. Then I gave her a dozen hard and fast on her panties. She does not want to think about what will happen if there is a third time. Do you dear?