Home and School Paddling – VI

The final installment of this series and the only post for this week. Posting will be infrequent for awhile.
This is one of my all time favorites of a teacher with a paddle. She is attractive and the paddle is formidable and I like argyle sweaters that snugly fit the breasts…but I digress. The door and hardware are commercial so it could be a school. If so, I wonder how long the line is out the door waiting for justice to be delivered. Double handed swats burn.


Here we have a perennial favorite, Dana Kane, putting some color in a man’s cheeks at her home after class. I wonder if he knew he was going to be paddled when he put on those panties? Of course he did. That’s a thick paddle. It will not take long before he is sore. I am sure all of the male readers would not hesitate to switch places with him. I wonder how many female readers would stand in for Dana? Anyone?


Home and School Paddling – V

When we left our teenagers, they had been caught finger delicti by Mom. Some readers expect Mom to give them a good thrashing.
Perhaps like this. I don’t think I have ever seen a picture with both a male and female shown. Have you? If so, send the picture.
I have always wanted to play out a scene like this one.

Two over

Or maybe you expected this. 

F fm

However the fates and common sense intervene. What have they done wrong? They are 18 and have enjoyed paddling one another and engaging in mutual masturbation. Where the harm? No one will get preggers or contract an STD. I think Mom shows good judgement in taking no punitive action.
Fates? You do recall your Greek or Roman mythology don’t you?
PS, this may be out last post for awhile. Don’t know, we maybe entering a black hole the cell network.

Six Of The Best

As far as I know six of the best is a British phrase that means six firm strokes of the cane. It might have originated in the boarding schools that we have all read about, where headmasters, and sixth forms and other terms not familiar to American ear are common. 
Wherever you live, there is no one implement that feared more by most and loved by so few, as is the cane. I view it as the most exquisite of all implements. It takes skill to use. When done right the effect is to be treasured.
Here are six of the best of my collection of caning pictures collected over the years from the web. I don’t recall ever having one taken while I was using the cane. A pity as I am not likely to use one again.
I always retain watermarks, so if you are the owner of any these not marked, I will gladly remove or credit them as you may direct.

Just Fun

Today, just a few images that will sure as heck will not get Chrossed. Only half dozen of the 700 OBB posts have been featured on Chross and those were not ones that I thought were of any significance. Every week he features a few posts that are worthy of wider attention. While most of the rest I would not post here. Certainly a case of different tastes. We post what interests us and I suppose he features what interests him. As it should be.

Fun not a morning person
Ronnie recently posted  a picture showing a lass over the shoulder, so I will dedicate this one to her. As he is wearing a bath robe, I always thought of him as not a morning person.

Fun paddle girls with
Sorority? I don’t think so. Note the eye hook in the foreground. I am thinking it’s a spanking bench and the little darlings are looking forward to a paddling.

Hold everything
The artist Elvgren had a series of drawings showing women with problems in the elastic of their panties.

Lost panties
A very popular woman. Does little for me. I would not care to spank her. I think both she and her fans are fans of her bottom. 

Just Foolishness, But No Captioned Pictures

Just a bit of foolishness today. I hope you have commented on Tuesday’s post asking to describe your mind’s eye just before orgasm. If not yet, please take the time to do so now.
I would stop and try to assist this motorist in trouble. Wouldn’t you? I do wonder if I could resist giving her a little slap. No, I don’t think I could.
Car trouble
We recently were in an area where the girls out grow their clothes really fast. I was shocked and gave her a ride to closest lingerie shop.
Bought her two more bangle bracelets too.
This lass is expressing her view about guys typing absurd captions on pictures

What Gets You Off?

….if you really want to know about a person’s hidden sexual desires, then find out what’s in his or her mind’s eye during the deepest throes of masturbation.

In one study with 141 married women, the most frequently reported fantasies included “being overpowered or forced to surrender,” and “pretending I am doing something wicked or forbidden.” [That’s Bacall] Another study with 3,030 women revealed that “sex with a celebrity ,” “seducing a younger man or boy,” and “sex with an older man” were some of the more common themes. Men’s fantasies contain more visual and explicit anatomical detail whereas women’s involve more story line, emotions, affection, commitment and romance. [ah ha, so pictures of female genitals get you off huh? Doesn’t work for me, but have at it]

This conjuring ability to create fantasy scenes in our heads that literally bring us to orgasm when conveniently paired with our dexterous appendages is an evolutionary magic trick that I suspect is uniquely human. It requires a cognitive capacity called mental representation (an internal “re-presentation” of a previously experienced image or some other sensory input) that many evolutionary theorists believe is a relatively recent hominid innovation.

What gets me off is when I picture myself being paddled or when Bacall paints such a picture in my ear while she has me in one hand and the paddle in the other.

So tell us what is in your mind’s eye just before you explode?
Come on, share your’s in a comment.

Dressed For Spanking

Perhaps our three regular readers noticed that we did not post much in June. Well, I blew through our allotment of gigabytes downloading software for the new Mac. So we had to go without for two weeks. Bacall has been very needy for her surf time.
It’s normal for us to dress for a spanking. I don’t mean tails or pearls and white gloves, but tailored outer wear and some sexy underwear. We posted about this a month or so back and got some agreeable comments.
spankedbywife has left a new comment on your post “Well Dressed“: 

Another very elegant post. And yes, ‘dressing up’ seems to be a lost art.

Cora and I are addicted to watching movies and TV series from the 50’s and early 60’s (Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Twilight Zone, etc.) and its amazing to see how the women dressed then. And its obvious they are well girdled and sometimes a glimpse of a garter or stocking top shows up. 

And while it may be a bygone era, when I take Cora out to one of the nice restaurants here in Seattle, you can be sure that she will be turning heads wearing her dresses, heels and seamed stockings.

Good thing we don’t live in Seattle Ken, as I would not be able to eat my dinner for trying glimpse her garter.

Njspank has left a new comment on your post “Well Dressed“: 

I mentioned this on another blog, remember ladies slips? It was a wonderful thing when you got to catcha glimpse of a slip.These are lovely pictures of two lovely ladies, love the panties.
Thank you Ron

smuccatelli has left a new comment on your post “Well Dressed“: 

I would say the two lovely ladies in the pics are more like “well undressed”. And I heartily approve of their choice of outfits!
Lingerie like that melts my mind. Which is, of course, one reason why women wear it.

Mistress Erica has left a new comment on your post “Well Dressed“: 

THIS is why I love to dress up! I don’t dress for others; I dress because when I do, I feel better about Myself. When I go out in public in ‘full face’, in my best lingerie under My clothes; my clothes carefully chosen, I turn heads everywhere I go, and I LIKE it. Partner has just discovered the joy of what he calls ‘grownup clothes’, and he loves it too!
I know what you mean. I always feel better about myself when well dressed. Those younger than 40-something have no idea what we are talking about.
This lady is well dressed and I suspect well tended. Thanks Tex.
Adjusting Stockings
Here is a lass, near and dear to my heart, dressed for a spanking. Plaid skirt, white panties and thigh-hi’s.
See you at the gala.
B  B Style

Home And School Paddling – IV

I have written about spanking some of the gals I dated in high school and beyond. I have written about getting paddled in high school. But nothing like this ever happened. When you first experience something new and like it, you crave more. How about this for a male spanking fantasy story line? [Not a story, just an outline. I don’t like writing dialog]

The male spankee is 40 plus, but through some warped worm hole, he shows up at the local high school as an 18 year old. 

He is sent to the principal’s office for a grave and repeated infraction. The principal gives him 10 paddle licks, the maximum allowed. However she is not satisfied.  She wants to really paddle him. Through devious means and a phone call to his home she gets him to agree to walk to her home after school for a proper paddling. There will be no limit on the number of licks at her home.

He shows up at the appointed time and is greeted by the principal’s daughter. He knows her casually. He has a class with her, but he did not know who her Mother was. He is, of course, embarrassed, but she tells him she knows why he is there and he is not the first to endure her Mother’s after school paddling’s. They chat for a few minutes. When her Mother arrives she disappears.

In short order, he is pants down over the dining room table and she lays into him with a wood paddle. When he leaves, they both know he has been well paddled. [You can fill in the sounds of the paddle cracking on him, his exclamations and her admonishments to remain in position]


 A real principal would not have a cardboard desk and she would be able to get to the desk chair. But, I do like her form fitting outfit.


Perhaps this is the story’s female spanker on her home turf

Now it gets interesting. He chats up the daughter at school and they soon find they have a common interest – getting paddled turns them on. Not the bottom bruising type of paddling he got from her Mother, but more moderate sessions. They begin seeing each other on the sly and tentatively paddling each other. At first, the paddle is given over underwear, but it’s not long until they both want it on the bare bottom. This leads to mutual masturbation. They get careless. They are on the sofa with bright pink bottoms. Their tongues are interlocked, she is fondling his jade stalk while he is paddling her pink canoe. [You can fill in the oos and ahs] Her eyes half-open, then open wide when she sees her Mother in the doorway watching. She sits up and he wonders what is going on. Then he sees Mama. Their clothes are across the room. They want to cover up, but they will have to get up to do so. They think they are in deep trouble. But, punishment is not on Mom’s mind. She talks with them and it seems to them that she is OK with their behavior.

I wonder what happens next? Whatever it is, I am sure it will be fun and consensual. That’s the way it is at OBB.

PS, you knew they would be switchy, this is OBB after all.