Sometimes I Need A Paddling

Sometimes I feel like I need a paddling. Bet you feel the same way sometimes. If Bacall is feeling needy, she lets me know. If not verbally, then by wearing panties that signal her need or acting sassy or swishing her bottom around, etc. I can ask or put on a pair of panties or leave one of my paddles out for her to see. While I find it sexy to ask, sometimes, I don’t want to. If we could only read one another’s minds.
We both like to have our limits pushed – just a little. I melt when she asks me if I can take another so many licks. That’s as close to submission as either of us gets. We are already hot, front and back, and then to have to consent to taking what we know will be real bottom burning licks is a thrill. Delicious! “Will you take another 10 licks for me?” she asks while stroking my cock. “Yes, I will try for you”. I bend back over and concentrate of staying in position and processing the pain.
What is it about panties and spanking that go together so well. Like a lot men who like to be spanked, I get a thrill from donning a pair of panties just before a paddling. Women do the same thing, but it’s seems naughty for a man to wear panties doesn’t it. I put them on, Bacall pulls them down. Bacall likes to be spanked over her panties. I think it goes back to her early masturbating while wearing panties. She did not feel it was naughty if she did not directly touch herself. So sometimes, I paddle her over her panties and bring her to orgasm with a vibrator over her panties.
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3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Need A Paddling”

  1. We all need a paddling and I agree, panty and spankings are the perfect world, love them and love to be spanked in them or to spank a lovely pantied bottom. Great post, thanks

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