Bacall Gets A Thigh Fry

Yesterday Bogey told me he was going to give me a “thigh fry”.  He should not have done that because it gets me all excited from the time he mentions it until the actual event. I tend to think about it throughout the day and evening.  This morning we had plans to go off with some friends and I was busy dressing, making breakfast and a picnic lunch. I though Bogey had forgotten about it since it was a busy morning. I am a lucky girl, because he did not forget.

At first I was concerned because we were suppose to leave a little later, but those thoughts passed as soon as the batten popped my thigh the first time. Both of us were quite excited by the play.

Bacall said I needed to add something to this as she had pondered it for a few days and could not add more. I can not add much more. Her eyes get brighter when she knows the batten will be stinging her thighs shortly, they get even brighter when first contact is made. She is rather brazen holding her legs wide to allow good access. She knows where she wants the licks to land and makes sure nothing hinders me. 

5 thoughts on “Bacall Gets A Thigh Fry”

  1. I hate having my thighs spanked. I kick, shout and swear but it makes no difference, P just carries on.


  2. Bacall may want to take your thigh licks for you.

    She only wants licks on her inner thighs not, front, side or back.

    I prefer mine especially on the front and a little less so on the back.

  3. And here I thought we'd be talking about some exotic Southern dish you were whipping up. Hmmm…come to think of it, I guess in a sense you were.

  4. Thigh fry is certainly a new one for me. But sounds delicious!
    I remember watching the Story of O years ago and one of many scenes that stood out was when they strung O up with her legs spread wide and whipped her inner thighs. The mistress said it was the most sensitive spot on the female body. A very dramatic scene.

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