And Now This

A little rain is falling here. Last year Bacall dropped my laptop. The fall was less than two feet and the surface was an unpadded rug, but it damaged one of the hinges and the hard drive went toes up two months later. No big deal, I had an image backup of the drive, so I put in a new drive and tried to copy the image to it. It failed. I called in a tech and after a week or so of fiddling with it he managed to get most of it restored. I bought another image backup program. Time moves on.

Last week, all sorts of hardware problems started happening. The best it will do is work for a few minutes and then the keyboard and mouse are no longer responsive. I don’t deem it to be worth repairing, so I bought a MacBook, removed the hard drive from the PC laptop and copied over all of the pictures, docs,  etc. Other than my wallet being a quite a bit lighter, no real harm, The only things I have not recovered are the draft posts for this Blog and my address book. The latter is not transferable. I may be able to recover the draft posts if I can locate whatever folder the Blog program stored them.

So after recounting my tale of woe, what should YOU take away from it? 
1) We will resume publishing – sometime – soon?
2) If we have corresponded before and you wish to continue, please send me an email so I may add you to the new address book.

1987 Grateful Dead – Bob Weir in one of his better versions of Mexicali Blues.

4 thoughts on “And Now This”

  1. I feel for you, Bogey. Our PC's hard drive crashed over a year ago, and then the laptop lost its wifi capabilities, so we had to replace two machines in as many months. We also lost some data, but not much as I had done a backup to CDs, and all my blogging stuff is on a flash drive. Now we have an automatic backup to an external hard drive, and we like Windows 7 so much better than XP. So it was a blessing in disguise.

    Isn't your address book part of your email system, in Contacts?


  2. Boey,

    Sorry to hear that. What a pain.

    I was thinking the same as Hermione, your address book would be in contacts. Surely you still have it.


  3. What a bummer. And on the road it's hard to get everything together. I have all my content backed up in several places after having a hard drive fail a couple years back.

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