Spanking Models

We have never been enamored with spanking video’s. We have bought a few, maybe a half dozen. None in the last decade. Of the ones we bought, most were a disappointment. We have been given dozens of video’s. We fast forwarded through most of them and tossed them. We must be hard to please. Of course, we pan most popular films and TV shows, so it’s not just spanking films.

We see the stills, clips, reviews for the current releases, but feel no compunction to buy. The technical aspects are vastly improved from the 8mm and the early VCR days, but the story lines seem to have gone south. The physical appearance of the males is better, while the females are not as desirable. I saw one model with an other world color of red hair. Pleease! I want to see the girl next door, a Natalie Wood, not a Kardashian. Just goes to show what misfits we are.

And while I am ranting, we really don’t need any more web sites acting as shills for spanking video’s.

This Just In

Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger


You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.

Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.


Works for me.


Home And School Paddlings – III

Well, nothing of great or small import to share with you today. I could post some pictures of women seated and suggest that they want to spank you. I could even write captions on them. But, there are already plenty of sites to see that sort of stuff. Besides, if I want a paddling, I need only to ask Bacall. Lucky me.
There are those that take up skirt pictures. Could be the same wieners who take pictures of their wieners. Maybe there are also men that take pictures of women seated just to post on I Dream Of Being Spanked sites. Nothing wrong with that. There is not even a code for it in DSM-V.
Here is an attractive friendly looking lass. Nice lap, but I really doubt she is thinking about spanking anyone. But I could be wrong.
OK, how about some men getting the board? 
That’s a great moment of contact picture. Don’t you think? And someone has added captions and removed the copyright notice. How nice. I spent some time in that position as a lad, but never bare bottom. Now I can enjoy it. 
Holy Moly! Two handed. After a glass of whiskey, I might take a coupla pops from her.

Paddled In Oregon

It was a cold and dreary morning, one where you just don’t want to get up.  But, I was in a good mood despite the weather and pulled out some paddles.  Every time I walked by them, I would give myself some pops. I said we could give each other pops through the day and then have a intense session the next morning. Bogey got tired of that and decided to give me some better pops. I got on my knees on the sofa with my arms on the back, looking out the window. which is my favorite position. He started giving me pops and rubbing me. I got turned on and I do mean turned on. He kept popping and rubbing.  His paddle pops were getting harder and I was getting hotter. Suddenly, I had a terrific long orgasm.

By this time Bogey is really turned on.  When I recovered, I gave Bogey some hard pops. He wished that his orgasm was a long as mine 🙂  

How about the Grateful Dead from 1987 doing Iko Iko one of their signature cover songs.

Sometimes I Need A Paddling

Sometimes I feel like I need a paddling. Bet you feel the same way sometimes. If Bacall is feeling needy, she lets me know. If not verbally, then by wearing panties that signal her need or acting sassy or swishing her bottom around, etc. I can ask or put on a pair of panties or leave one of my paddles out for her to see. While I find it sexy to ask, sometimes, I don’t want to. If we could only read one another’s minds.
We both like to have our limits pushed – just a little. I melt when she asks me if I can take another so many licks. That’s as close to submission as either of us gets. We are already hot, front and back, and then to have to consent to taking what we know will be real bottom burning licks is a thrill. Delicious! “Will you take another 10 licks for me?” she asks while stroking my cock. “Yes, I will try for you”. I bend back over and concentrate of staying in position and processing the pain.
What is it about panties and spanking that go together so well. Like a lot men who like to be spanked, I get a thrill from donning a pair of panties just before a paddling. Women do the same thing, but it’s seems naughty for a man to wear panties doesn’t it. I put them on, Bacall pulls them down. Bacall likes to be spanked over her panties. I think it goes back to her early masturbating while wearing panties. She did not feel it was naughty if she did not directly touch herself. So sometimes, I paddle her over her panties and bring her to orgasm with a vibrator over her panties.
Panties male6

Bacall Gets A Thigh Fry

Yesterday Bogey told me he was going to give me a “thigh fry”.  He should not have done that because it gets me all excited from the time he mentions it until the actual event. I tend to think about it throughout the day and evening.  This morning we had plans to go off with some friends and I was busy dressing, making breakfast and a picnic lunch. I though Bogey had forgotten about it since it was a busy morning. I am a lucky girl, because he did not forget.

At first I was concerned because we were suppose to leave a little later, but those thoughts passed as soon as the batten popped my thigh the first time. Both of us were quite excited by the play.

Bacall said I needed to add something to this as she had pondered it for a few days and could not add more. I can not add much more. Her eyes get brighter when she knows the batten will be stinging her thighs shortly, they get even brighter when first contact is made. She is rather brazen holding her legs wide to allow good access. She knows where she wants the licks to land and makes sure nothing hinders me. 

First Post From MacBook

I am trying out MarsEdit on the MacBook. As usual, this post has no redeeming value. Just pictures.

You may have seen this picture. It’s been floating around the Tumblr sphere.


I had suspicions it was Photoshopped. It is. She appears on some TV show. While I have no problems with firearms, and in fact I have a 1911 like she is holding, I do prefer her holding the paddle.


And Now This

A little rain is falling here. Last year Bacall dropped my laptop. The fall was less than two feet and the surface was an unpadded rug, but it damaged one of the hinges and the hard drive went toes up two months later. No big deal, I had an image backup of the drive, so I put in a new drive and tried to copy the image to it. It failed. I called in a tech and after a week or so of fiddling with it he managed to get most of it restored. I bought another image backup program. Time moves on.

Last week, all sorts of hardware problems started happening. The best it will do is work for a few minutes and then the keyboard and mouse are no longer responsive. I don’t deem it to be worth repairing, so I bought a MacBook, removed the hard drive from the PC laptop and copied over all of the pictures, docs,  etc. Other than my wallet being a quite a bit lighter, no real harm, The only things I have not recovered are the draft posts for this Blog and my address book. The latter is not transferable. I may be able to recover the draft posts if I can locate whatever folder the Blog program stored them.

So after recounting my tale of woe, what should YOU take away from it? 
1) We will resume publishing – sometime – soon?
2) If we have corresponded before and you wish to continue, please send me an email so I may add you to the new address book.

1987 Grateful Dead – Bob Weir in one of his better versions of Mexicali Blues.