More Agglomeration

Another phone it in post while we are in the wilds of the Snake River.

Is it Christmas again already? We all need a pair of these.

So you are walking about your estate and out she pops. Now what?

cute butts I have no idea what they are up to, but talk about two pair of well formed buttocks. I am off to the gym.
Miss yellow shorts seems to be swooning.

6 thoughts on “More Agglomeration”

  1. The Snake, eh? That covers a lot of territory. A very pretty run in Wyoming through Grand Teton before shifting west across Idaho, eventually into Washington. Hope it's all fun.

  2. Hermione, panties and socks will be under your tree wrapped in a plain brown paper.

    Rollin, this sucker has more twists and turns than a slinky.

    Ron, a fellow panty lover.

  3. Well, count me in on a lover of Panties.

    And for those of us obsessed with holiday light displays, Christmas (well, Yule in my case) begins in January.


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