Wet Bottom Spankings

O Ye of little faith!
We have written four times of enhancing the sting by spanking a wet bottom. I see it was recently covered on MBS and other blogs. I don’t suppose it has anything to do with MBS having a readership of several hundred thousand while OBB has on a good day 3,000 readers. No, it could not be that.

This was settled science on the now defunct SSS forum over a decade ago.

Go get to your local pharmacy and purchase a bottle of Glycerin, rub it on the chosen bottom and paddle away. You will notice a new response right away.

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7 thoughts on “Wet Bottom Spankings”

  1. Oh, I also like the sting of a wet bottom spanking. I've recently been lucky enough to preach that gospel to others and have them adopt it also.

  2. Sometimes I just need a topic for brunch. I was hoping that someone might give us a good counter argument, but as you say, it's pretty much settled science at this point.

    On the positive side, a few brunchers conducted their own experiments at home and a fine time was enjoyed by all.

  3. I remember reading about the glycerin trick a few decades ago, so its been around quite some time. If I remember correct the recommendation was to mix it half and half with water.

  4. Wet bottom spankings sting a heck of a lot more, in my opinion. Even if I've just dried off coming out of the shower and am spanked, it still hurts more.

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