Nothing of great import today, as if there ever is. Today, just some images with my captions. The lusty Hermoine wants you to do the work. Here at OBB we spend countless hours dreaming up things for your entertainment. Right.

art misbehave-poster I fletched this from somewhere. Thanks. As a matter of fact, a bit of sassy attitude does get me get turned on. So go for it, please.


art office slutThis is a fantasy of Bacall’s. Act a little naughty and get spanked by the boss.

You should have seen her bend over in her micro-mini skirts back when.


art pinup Girls Just Want To Have Fun


art wants-a-spanking The lament of far too many women

7 thoughts on “Agglomeration”

  1. That top photo is sensational. Too bad little missy had a big tantrum. Too bad she's got the whitest, fairy soft botty in the State. Strict Ol' Papa is fetching his switch ! 🙂 Brenda x

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