Home and School Paddling

A large part of my adult fascination with f/m paddling is in fantasies of paddling’s that might happen at home or school. Bacall often plays a school principal as she puts the paddle to my backside. I am easy, no involved fantasies – pants down… assume the position… apply the paddle with vigor.





We are so different about how we like to be paddled. Some want a warm-up. A second group can will themselves to endure the pain until pleasure breaks through.

If I get a warm up, soon the endorphins come out and all I feel is numbness. No pain, no pleasure, just a dull thud. The same thing happens if a paddling is interrupted for a few minutes. Once the chemicals get out, I lose all feeling. Keep paddling, I will have a sore bottom, but that’s not what I want.

The second group must do somewhat like going through surf torture. [SEAL candidates sitting in cold water with the surf breaking over them] Their minds take control and they grit it out. I could never do that. I could never be a SEAL either.

I want about 20 hard licks. All hard enough to make me gasp. Exclaim. Do a little dance. Just give me a few seconds between licks too recover and get back in position.

A third group can take what I get and a lot more, but the licks come very fast and they barely move around, perhaps a muffled exclamation. They amaze me more the second group. Some can have a orgasm while getting hundreds of fast hard licks with a paddle. Incredible to me.

The Early Years

If you like the small tight bottom on this lass, then you understand one reason that I married Bacall.


This is Bacall three years after our daughter was born.

She has always liked to pool floats and cute guys to bring her drinks.

Is she spankable or what?

This is a scanned picture taken long before digital cameras were invented.

Still Have Nothing To Say

We are hanging out in north Texas, waiting for yet another wet front to pass before heading father west. Cooling temps will allow boon docking this weekend. Ample store of whiskey on board, but no ideas to post, so here are some throwaway pictures.


Cheerleaders are always popular with me.

Do you think she is asking for a spanking?
from chross I snagged this one from Chross. I love the attitude.

princess2I am positive this princess expects a spanking.
Have a good weekend

Are You Dreaming Of Summer?

I have let the supply of draft posts dwindle down to nothing. So spank me. We are leaving on an extended trip in a few days, but sometime soon, something of no consequence will pop into my wee mind and I will share it with you.

Meanwhile, for the guys here is some eye candy. For the gals imagine yourself on the beaches with a cabana boy fetching you delicious fruit drinks and rubbing you down with his skilled hands.



For the more intellectual among you try puzzling out Why Are Monkey Butts So Colorful?

Kissing The Gunner’s Daughter

Sometimes a new fantasy just leaps up and grabs you.

I was downloading Kaelah’s most recent video clip and left the computer to do it’s thing while I was outside doing a chore. I have long known of her interest in military punishment of the sort dispensed by the British Navy to young lads prior to 1860 or so. The punishment was known as kissing the gunner’s daughter. You can read more about it here if you are not familiar with it. I served in the US Navy, but being flogged has never a fantasy of mine. But, the mind works in strange ways. While outside, I suddenly visualized myself being caned in my Navy whites by Kaelah. Holy shocker. Yep, there I was bent over a gun, my bell bottom whites stretched tight and she was making me sing while she enthusiastically thrashed me with her cane. Good thing, we are half a world away and there are no cannons around here.

You Want Femdom?

Many male bottoms like femdom. They want a female to control them. That’s not me. We have an equal relationship. If one of us gets too toppy, the claws and fangs come out.

z tiger1


But today, I feature the ultimate in femdom. 

you want femdom

PS, I recently read a study that said men who are fond of very large breasts are prone toward violence to females.


Some male adherents of femdom want their Johnson locked up and denied sexual release. I guess this would be equivalent for maledom.



Here’s How To book on Maledom

real bondage

 No need to thank me that you will not find posts like this elsewhere.


OK, How about Iko, Iko?

Her Panty Drawer

Judging by what I read on F/M blogs, a lot of male bottoms share my fondness for panties. I like them and I like to wear them sometimes. Less now than when I was younger. Perhaps some of the thrill is off?

A recurring theme is the man going through a panty drawer, being caught and forced to put on a pair and then hair brushed. Sounds fine to me. Bacall could care less if go in her panty drawer.

Bacall and I have always had a few pair of matching panties for special play dates. Nothing frilly, pretty much basic panties. Light control preferred.

Let’s see, how did I get here? I was looking at a clip from Secretary that Michael posted. If nothing else, Maggie/Lee pulls down her panties in a most delightful way. She gives it a lot of consideration, then slowly pulls them down. I have known a few women that did it just like that. Previous experience with them told me that it takes them awhile to get into a submissive mode. Each step took an eternity. Being told to bend over would register, but the actual act, submitting to the order, took quite awhile. Sometimes it took the bite of a cane on the legs to get them across the threshold. The clock would be reset when I told to pull their panties down. They would come down just like Maggie/Lee did it.

Enjoy that scene again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSz9obxYSoA

Yes, I know that most of the time women want the man to pull down their panties. Part of the force fantasy. Sometimes I want them to pull them them, other times I want to force them in a different way.

Oh yeah, panties. Once Bacall wanted to spend the afternoon getting spanked in every pair of her play panties. I don’t recall how far we got, but she had too damn many panties. My lust went over the top before we got to the bottom of her panty drawer. Perhaps, we told a friend of ours about this, as one time she wanted to do the same thing. We may have accomplished the task, but only because she had fewer panties.

You might wonder why her cheeks are not red as she was paddled in ever pair. Simple, she just did not redden much and never for long.


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