Being Out

After looking at some Tumblr sites I think I have now seen half of the women in the world with their legs spread. Most with their faces shown. I take from this that full frontal nudity is OK. Even knowing that someone you know will see the picture sooner or later.

OTOH, most of us hide from everyone that we like to be spanked. It’s fine to have a picture of your yoni spread or your penis erect with your face shown, but it’s taboo to have a picture of your face while showing your spanked bottom or while spanking a bottom.

I don’t get it. You have no shame of nudity, but feel the price for being out about your spanking interest is too high.

Having been to nudist resorts several times in our lives and having spent many evenings with numerous friends in hot tubs, we are not exactly prudes about nudity. However, I would never let a picture be taken of either of us nude that might wind up on the web. OTOH, while we do not broadcast our interest in spanking to everyone we meet, we are not ashamed of our interest and have met many people that enjoy spanking.

While I up on my box, let me say a word about muffs and bj’s on spanking blogs. We have written many times here about the other interests spanko’s have. That said, it seems some spanking blogs prime interest is in something else. Or maybe that’s just us. Oh, for any younger readers, muffs are passe, every thing is shaved now. Nothing like winding down from a busy week by shaving your partner while enjoying a glass of vino. So enjoy the shave, give him a bj and start the weekend.

7 thoughts on “Being Out”

  1. There's a lot of exposure these days, no doubt about it! It's not for me, however. I wouldn't show ANY part of my body on the internet, whether it was being spanked or not.

    Hermione the invisible

  2. The unseen is the most powerful stimulant for our most powerful human attribute: our imagination. Pull away all the curtains and you have nothing less to imagine. Thus fiction is far more provocative than the often dreadful videos on SpankingTube. Patter between two lovers building anticipation [and imagination] is often better than the ending. So thank you both for your decorum . . . for keeping your clothes on . . .and for remaining at least a good bit behind the curtain in your blog.

  3. No frontal nudity and close-ups of private parts from me, only spanking pics. That's just my personal limit, though. I am very open about my spanking kink and I also show my face in spanking videos and pictures because that's why I enjoy. My private parts however remain private. If others enjoy showing off their private parts, though, that's of course fine with me. To each their own. 🙂

  4. I finally started showing some pics of my spanked bottom online in this past year. None have my face in it though. It makes me feel like I have plausible deniability. Lol.

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