We Got Paddled

I am continuing to recover from shoulder surgery.  The therapist says I am doing excellent and I am in just a little pain (as long as it isn’t a therapy day).  With that in mind, I thought last night that today would be a good day for a joint paddling.  I didn’t want to tell Bogey too early, but this morning when I awoke, I knew a paddling was in order.  So I told Bogey about our morning activities.  We both put on pink undies.  I was going for the thickest pair that I have.

Lack of paddling activity can lead to a very sensitive bottom.  But Bogey wanted to use and to have used the red paddle only – yikes!  I couldn’t do it, so I got out my favorite paddle.  I was the first to be paddled.  After 8 pops with my paddle, Bogey stopped.  What!  He stopped!  He had said that he wanted to paddle me with the red paddle and it wanted to hear OWW – not the fake owws that I can give on the spur of the moment.  I told him that I had expected some pops with the red paddle.  He did not disappoint me.  After using that paddle for so many years, it has still not softened up at all – still has a mighty sting.  I had a nice pink bottom.

Now to Bogey’s paddling.  I told him I would give him three sessions of four pops each.  He bent over and assumed the proper position.  His pink undies still on.  He got four pops.  I am still having a hard time using my arm.  I had him take them down and gave him four pops bare bottom and then a break. After the second set, he thought he was finished.  I explained that pops on panties don’t count.  We continued with the third set.  Somehow, I am just not doing it the way I use to, but Bogey did get a red bottom.

I am impatient to heal.  Being in almost constant pain is depressing and pain pills mess with my mind.  Both of us are suffering from lack of paddling and our bottoms are very tender.   I will be happy to receive a paddling and to give one, especially in the woodshed. 

3 thoughts on “We Got Paddled”

  1. It's nice you got to have a little spanking fun. Physical therapy is hard but pushing yourself too fast can take you backwards. As annoying as it is, give it time! Hope your recovery goes well.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your shoulder still isn't at 100 per cent, Bacall. I cross my fingers that the healing process will be complete as soon as possible. And I hope that the two of you will continue to make the best out of it in the meantime. 🙂

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