Life On The Knife Edge

It is an inescapable part of the human condition that we live our lives on the knife edge of the present, forever trapped between an unchangeable past and an unknowable future. The spanking you had or did not have yesterday is no predictor of what awaits you. It may be in your control to influence how it might happen or not. The loss of control is of paramount importance to most of us. The refusal to surrender control sets a precious few of us apart from the rest.

I want to hear the words to assume the position. I want to feel the searing throb of the paddle. But, I want it on my provisos – the edge of my blade.


A few weeks back I said I might do a series on fantasy school paddling’s. OK, what if the teacher had you come to her home for a paddling she could not give at school? See teacher above. See me bent over the chair. Her body motion works for me. (Guessing this is from a vintage Leda video) This the way I like it. This is the edge of my knife blade.

3 thoughts on “Life On The Knife Edge”

  1. Life in the fast lane brings paddlings. Hope you get yours soon.
    Nice images. They sure knew how to spank over in those Nu West studios. I often fantasize about turning up there as a young man and being given a screen test.

  2. So well put … and very well paddled. This does it for me as well, the ideal scenario. I'll be at teacher's house again next Saturday, with butterflies fluttering in my stomach, and soon bees buzzing in my bottom. I'll learn my lesson eventually. It just may take a while.

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