Being Out

After looking at some Tumblr sites I think I have now seen half of the women in the world with their legs spread. Most with their faces shown. I take from this that full frontal nudity is OK. Even knowing that someone you know will see the picture sooner or later.

OTOH, most of us hide from everyone that we like to be spanked. It’s fine to have a picture of your yoni spread or your penis erect with your face shown, but it’s taboo to have a picture of your face while showing your spanked bottom or while spanking a bottom.

I don’t get it. You have no shame of nudity, but feel the price for being out about your spanking interest is too high.

Having been to nudist resorts several times in our lives and having spent many evenings with numerous friends in hot tubs, we are not exactly prudes about nudity. However, I would never let a picture be taken of either of us nude that might wind up on the web. OTOH, while we do not broadcast our interest in spanking to everyone we meet, we are not ashamed of our interest and have met many people that enjoy spanking.

While I up on my box, let me say a word about muffs and bj’s on spanking blogs. We have written many times here about the other interests spanko’s have. That said, it seems some spanking blogs prime interest is in something else. Or maybe that’s just us. Oh, for any younger readers, muffs are passe, every thing is shaved now. Nothing like winding down from a busy week by shaving your partner while enjoying a glass of vino. So enjoy the shave, give him a bj and start the weekend.

Eroticism Is Everywhere

For as long as I have known Bacall, whenever I get erect I have rubbed myself against her, standing or laying. That’s me. No class. This happened almost daily when we were 20-something. One of us would wake up during the night and snuggle the other with sex on the brain. If I were the instigator, I would usually be rubbing myself against her bottom while stroking her with one hand. Nothing like a little extra in the wee hours of the morning.
Sometimes when spanking her over my lap I will rub myself against her leg. That usually triggers her to reach around and grasp me with one hand while I continue to spank her. I suppose I could come this way, but I have never tried it. When she holds me like this it seems to fortify her to take more licks. It gets her to a more submissive state of mind. Eroticism takes a lot of forms.


This lass is trying hard to get someone hard. And it’s working on me.
It appears that erotic feelings are escalating fast here
erotic3Sometimes it’s just yourself

We Got Paddled

I am continuing to recover from shoulder surgery.  The therapist says I am doing excellent and I am in just a little pain (as long as it isn’t a therapy day).  With that in mind, I thought last night that today would be a good day for a joint paddling.  I didn’t want to tell Bogey too early, but this morning when I awoke, I knew a paddling was in order.  So I told Bogey about our morning activities.  We both put on pink undies.  I was going for the thickest pair that I have.

Lack of paddling activity can lead to a very sensitive bottom.  But Bogey wanted to use and to have used the red paddle only – yikes!  I couldn’t do it, so I got out my favorite paddle.  I was the first to be paddled.  After 8 pops with my paddle, Bogey stopped.  What!  He stopped!  He had said that he wanted to paddle me with the red paddle and it wanted to hear OWW – not the fake owws that I can give on the spur of the moment.  I told him that I had expected some pops with the red paddle.  He did not disappoint me.  After using that paddle for so many years, it has still not softened up at all – still has a mighty sting.  I had a nice pink bottom.

Now to Bogey’s paddling.  I told him I would give him three sessions of four pops each.  He bent over and assumed the proper position.  His pink undies still on.  He got four pops.  I am still having a hard time using my arm.  I had him take them down and gave him four pops bare bottom and then a break. After the second set, he thought he was finished.  I explained that pops on panties don’t count.  We continued with the third set.  Somehow, I am just not doing it the way I use to, but Bogey did get a red bottom.

I am impatient to heal.  Being in almost constant pain is depressing and pain pills mess with my mind.  Both of us are suffering from lack of paddling and our bottoms are very tender.   I will be happy to receive a paddling and to give one, especially in the woodshed. 

I Need A Paddling

It has been a long time since Bacall was physically able to wield a paddle with any strength. As she improves in PT, they ramp up the exercises so she is always in some pain. She was able to give me some pops a few times, but nothing in the last two weeks. I am getting needy. You know that feeling. You know it starts to fill your mind more every day. My bottom is wimpy, I probably could take what my mind wants.

Funny thing, she has never liked the on your hands and knees position on the floor or the bed. Especially on the floor. She views that as way too submissive. She does not want either of us in that position. OK, I can agree with that. But, that is the position she suggested I get in so she could swing down, rather than horizontally. Worked out pretty good.

Maybe I could stop by the school and bend over a desk? This woman seems to be enjoying herself. I like a smiling woman with a paddle. Looks like I would have company and a witness. Isn’t it time for short skirts to make a come back?

















And The Answers Are

Six of our 13 readers asked questions last week and here are Bacall’s answers.

Hermione asked:

What’s the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten?
Since I like all foods, I don’t think any is unusual.  For breakfast this morning, we had foul, (pronounced fool), a Middle-Eastern fava bean dish that we love.  The one food that sticks out in my mind that I really did not like was escargot.

Who would you cast to play you in a movie about your life?

I always wanted to look like Sophia Loren or Ann Margaret, but since I am not like either of those, then Meg Ryan (notice I am not up to date on younger celebrities)

If you could go back in time to meet and talk to a historical figure, who would it be?

Definitely Winston Churchill except that I would be totally overwhelmed by his knowledge.


Michael M asked:

Who spanked whom first and did they immediately give off a signal that they 
would like more or did that come later?

I was spanked first.  It seemed natural because I always saw my father popping my mother on her bottom.  It was fun and love pats for them, so I saw it as the same thing.

Bogey expands, I was not real smart about this. I paddled hard and so she was not real keen on being the bottom, so for a long time, I was the prime bottom. When she discovered leather, things changed drastically.


Ronnie asked:

How did you both meet?

Bogey worked in the men’s section of a department store while he was in college and they were having a spring sale.  I took my brother in to get a suit and Bogey waited on us.  And the rest is history 🙂

We know Bacall’s fantasy. What’s yours?

Being spanked by one woman and masturbated by another.  Or better yet, having someone read his mind and do exactly want he wants without having to say what he wants.


Lea asked:

How would you respond to someone in your vanilla lives finding out about TTWD?

That’s a good question and have thought about it myself.  I think that I would make it a non-event, just lightly breeze over it.

Bogey remarks, No one call tell when she is lying. She is quite accomplished.


Kaelah asked:

If you could live out a dream scenario (or produce a film that depicts your dream scenario), how would that scenario look like?

If could film my fantasy – it would be a swashbuckler with a strong, very handsome, very rich man.  I love to watch old Errol Flynn movies!  I would be the seemly weak woman, but actually with a steel backbone.


John & Dana asked:

You said ask you anything. My wife, Dana, and I are into spanking and very light B&D.  I am 53 and she is 42.  We are thinking about going to our 1st spanking party, but which one.  After reading the posts, under spanking parties, I agree with everything said.  Now we are not sure if we should go to public party, but how do get invited to a private one. We live in a very small village in south central PA.  We are both professional and in the public eye, therefore we wouldn’t do anything local.  Needless to say only a very few close friends know of our fetish and they are all vanilla.  We did try a B&D party in Pittsburg a few years ago, but were disappointed.  As Dana put it, they were just too fake or want-a-be’s for us. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

It’s difficult to get to a private party until you meet someone at a public party. I guess you could hang out in some chat rooms and maybe
strike up a friendship.

Our caveat on parties is that you should both be comfortable with the other being semi-nude with other people. Jealousy has no place there.

Based on your location, I would think the SCONY parties might be a fit for you. Especially the weekend one they have in the Pocono’s. Unlike
the B&D party you went to, this would be all spankers. There is a huge difference in the atmosphere. Write to Mrs. Margaret. A pleasant woman as I recall. I also see Joey Red posting about SCONY so he would be a good source
of information.

As to fear of being outed at a local event, I can see both sides, but the people you will meet share your interests and have no interest in
outing themselves just to out you. Of course, there are crazies out there, just like there are at the local mall.

I hope this helps a bit. Always open to questions.

Ask Us Anything

Here is an easy post. I just copied it from Hermoine and changed a few words. Seeing that comments here have dropped off the chart while page views have increased, my question would be WTF, but this is for YOU.

Ask us whatever you like. If we don’t know the answer we will make it up.

Leave your question as a comment or email us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Life On The Knife Edge

It is an inescapable part of the human condition that we live our lives on the knife edge of the present, forever trapped between an unchangeable past and an unknowable future. The spanking you had or did not have yesterday is no predictor of what awaits you. It may be in your control to influence how it might happen or not. The loss of control is of paramount importance to most of us. The refusal to surrender control sets a precious few of us apart from the rest.

I want to hear the words to assume the position. I want to feel the searing throb of the paddle. But, I want it on my provisos – the edge of my blade.


A few weeks back I said I might do a series on fantasy school paddling’s. OK, what if the teacher had you come to her home for a paddling she could not give at school? See teacher above. See me bent over the chair. Her body motion works for me. (Guessing this is from a vintage Leda video) This the way I like it. This is the edge of my knife blade.


Not too long ago, a blogger or commenter on some blog wrote about being disappointed in the film Secretary because the character, Lee, had recently been released from a brief stay in a mental hospital. They felt that her background tarnished the character. In the writer’s estimation it made her not quite normal, not fit to portray spanking in a mainstream film. I will not disagree with that, but I will share some personal observations.MV5BMjA5ODIzMTQ4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDgwNDA3._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_


A lot of words have been written about this now decade old 2002 film. Before I get into it, I want to say we thought Maggie Gyllenhaal nailed the facial expressions. I will also say that I am not trained in clinical psychiatry.

We have known three women who were all highly submissive, deeply into the percussive arts, carried excess guilt and had been under physiatric care for years. So Lee’s background was not a surprise to us. In fact, it made her character believable. Lee may not the one you want to portray a spankette in a main stream film, but she was believable character to us.

I should mention that one of the three women was a “cutter” just like Lee. She had a fondest for the cane and single tail. If you can imagine taking a long hard paddling and then asking for the quirt then you know the pain level a cutter can tolerate. No, not tolerate, desire. And another of the women was a newly minted shrink, whose license to prescribe drugs was conditional on her remaining in therapy herself. She also had very high pain threshold and enough guilt to sink a ship.

Sometimes art does imitates life.