In the beginning, there was the genome. Over the past decade a flood of buzzwords with the suffix of “ome” have entered the lexicon. Today, I introduce Spankome. It sounds so much better, to me, than TTWD.

So open your window and scream I Love Spankonomics.

OK, OK, what would you have posted today???


Maybe it’s your birthday and you were expecting the birthday girl to bring you cake and favors?

Well Happy Birthday. Dress like this, take a picture and send it to us.

I guess being 24 has some advantages.

Where are the paddles for the guests?



For those that live in Flyover Over country, you might like this little number by Paul Thorn. It’s a decade old, but I still tap my foot to it.

I can not find his My Baby Gets Spanked When She Needs It on Youtube

or maybe an old Joe Cocker doing a classic Beatle number.

Paddling News From The Home Front

Bacall writes

I am still in the recovery stage from shoulder surgery.  Play has not been foremost in my mind.  At least until my dream last Friday night.  I dreamt  that I walked throughout the house in my polka dot panties looking for a place to be paddled where I would not have to bend over and put pressure on my arm.  In my dream, I found just the place.  It’s a large wicker chair with a pillow cushion back.  That seemed like a good idea.  Saturday morning I kept looking at that chair thinking it just might work and told Bogey about my dream.  He had a paddling dream Friday night also.  Wow, we’ve been married so long that we even dream the same!

He was happy, nay, eager to see if this would work. So I bent over the back of the chair and he proceeds to give me a paddling. We progressed to the bedroom where I had him remove his clothes and bend over so that I could give him some pops.  I am sorry to say that I am not up to speed yet in either department but I think we were both satisfied.

My surgeon said he would probably dismiss me in four weeks which I hope means I will be in paddling trim.  If so, I am eagerly anticipating both of us getting celebration paddling’s in the woodshed!


Bogey writes:

I was not able to get her into bliss, but the position worked well. Her arm does not have the old Aunt Bacall strength, but the pops did sting. And after six weeks of little to no paddling, I could still feel them hours later.


For no reason, I am sharing this decidedly not PC number of James McMurtry doing Choctaw Bingo. You can Goggle for the lyrics if you like.

We Both Get It

Well, it is common that we give it to each other, but what I am thinking about has always been a fantasy. That would be a compatible switch couple to play with. We thought we had such a couple some years back, but it never worked. I never figured out why it didn’t. By email and phone everything was copasetic. When we were together they had endless excuses. Why did they drive 200 miles to make excuses? Three times!

We have enjoyed some switchy women, but never a switchy couple. In my fantasy, they would live close by and we would have lots of common interests in addition to spanking. MM/FF, FF/MM and of course mixed doubles.

I have seen very few pictures that illustrate what I am talking about. Here is an oldie, (avocado green frig), that shows mixed couple spanking.



She sure does have smile on her face. Does anyone know if this from a commercial shoot?

School Paddling’s

We needed a post topic and just in time a regular reader wrote:

Bogey- I am envious that you got paddled in school.  Do you think it had anything to do with your interest in spanking (and specifically, paddling) and was it an ‘erotic’ experience.

I wrote back, Yes, I have no doubt that what was misery for me as a kid is pleasure for me now. And yes, my fascination with wood paddles is no doubt rooted in all the ones that were used on me. But no, it was never erotic then. I was 17 before spanking was erotic for me and then it was delivering a spanking, not taking one. When I was 20 I found I wanted to be paddled as much as I wanted to paddle. No changes since then.

Readers that want to see the posts we have tagged ‘school paddling’s may click on that label in the right margin.

My frame of reference of a ideal paddling now is the principal and/or teacher putting the wood to me. Bacall is quite adapt in this role.

Most, but not all, of my school paddling’s were over my pants. Once on my underwear and once bare bottom. Five or ten licks was the norm. Once 15 and once 20 licks.

It was usually the ever popular assume the position with me holding my knees or ankles. Sometimes I had to bend all the way across a wide desk holding on to the other side. Nothing has changed here either. I like to bend over to take my licks.

In grade school, my Mother would pick me up from school after a paddling and take me home for a session with her belt or switch.

OK, enough reality. How about some fantasy? How about me as an adult reporting to the principal’s office or for an extended session at her home. She would always have a teacher as a witness and to help her paddle me.

I may do a series of posts on this subject. Would you like that?

Here are two principal’s that I suspect are good at the job.



Odds And Ends

You want pictures. Today, you get them.


Girls Do Have More Fun


does windows

And She Does Windows

 vs The Lingerie Party Of The Century


the warrior husband I Will Not Even Try To Caption This One

It’s For Hermoine Who Always Wants Others To Caption Her Odd Pictures





party I missed

Yet Another Party I Was Not Invited To


nympho librarian

Oh Sure, Yeah, Right


colorful Someone Got A Little Carried Away With The Color Palette

Devotional Sex

I am always learning new things from the web. Recently I tripped over Devotional Sex. I suppose it is part and parcel of some female led relationships. Here is how it’s described.


For most couples who practice Devotional Sex the Devotional Cuddle will be their most common activity. When sexual activity ends and he has not ejaculated he will still be hard. The best way to calm down is to end with a Devotional Cuddle.

Because he does not ejaculate very often just a cuddle is usually enough to get him hard. His Princess knows that it is up to her whether or not sexual activity happens, so she will be relaxed and comfortable just cuddling him. But because she is in control there is no ‘slippery slope’ and so instead of just cuddling she can give her Knight a Devotional Cuddle without feeling any pressure or expectation that things will go further. So often a Devotee couple will enjoy a morning or bedtime with a Devotional Cuddle and nothing further.


In our early years, we tried the mechanics of this, but for a different reason. We would start the day with a cuddle and some paddling. We would both get greatly aroused and then STOP. This was my idea. I wanted to prolong the sexual tension. After an hour or so, we would repeat the “cuddle”. As I recall, Bacall would put an end to it with something like “You are going to fuck me now or I will hurt you”. Even I could understand that.

I guess we are just not cut out for Devotional Sex.

Is it nap time?

red panda




After Surgery Update

Bacall had surgery on her right shoulder last month. After four weeks of PT, she is starting to be able to do a few things. Driving is still a few weeks away. She still takes pain pills, which make her ditzy, but not as many pills now.

She wanted to paddle me the other day to see how it would go. I think it was a dozen licks and by the end I was heating up. But nothing like what she could do. So maybe the surgery was a really good thing?

I desperately wanted to paddle her and gave her a half dozen or so. She could not enjoy them as she was concerned that she might put too much pressure on some muscle in her arm. There is really no position that is comfortable for her that has her bottom accessible.

One Million Hits

It has taken 5.5 years, but our little blog finally made 1 million hits.

The first post was on August 15, 2007. The first few posts described how I like to be paddled. It then talks about Bacall’s likes. If you care to read these first posts, click on 2007 in the right margin, go to the bottom and read backwards.

One of the most trivial posts I did still outranks all the others by a wide margin.  I suspect that Goggling for “spanking pictures” leads folks to it and then a let down when they find one picture.

The Principal and Her Paddle garners second position. Maybe a lot folks would like to go back to school and bend over for the principal? I can relate to that. I would like to know if the principal burned me like I remember it or does Bacall take top honors in bottom burning.

If we start posting more sporadically, we are just taking a break. Who knows we make two million before we croak.




BTW, comments have dropped off. Bacall loses interest when you don’t suck up on her posts. Trust me, you don’t want her in a bad mood.

Drafting A Post

I revealed the other week that I have ADD. In my youth, it was said that I was hyperactive. [I don’t think ADD had been invented] ADD people live in the moment, we bore easily and rules are not in our universe. We act without thinking of consequences. This sort of behavior has no place in a ridgid classroom. Hence doing things like talking inappropriately resulted in a paddling. I was always being told that I must control myself.

Another face of ADD is that we appear to be quite bright. I suppose we have to be as we miss a lot of what is going on around us. We must be able to piece fragments together and make a whole. Most people have memories of childhood. I have snatches of flashes of events. You remember David with blond hair in the fourth grade. I recall faceless bodies without names.

In my 40’s I finally figured out that my problem was ADD and that a drug that makes “normal” people hyperactive, made time slow down for me. It was the first time that I understood how normal people respond to the world. I could sit in one place for long periods quite content. I quit taking the drug once I could imitate it’s effect on me.

I say all this to relate how I develop a draft post of any length. While I am typing a sentence, two other tasks are happening. I am revising the sentence being typed and forming the next sentence. If that sounds dicey, believe me it is for me. Composition takes quite a bit of time and thoughts drop through the cracks all the time.

So when you find my posts rambling and not all that coherent, just think that I am not taking my meds.

Foto Fantasy Friday #7

Last in the series of fabulous female laps clad in attractive lingerie.


fmlap176 She looks both happy and eager

A long handled bath brush would set me on fire quickly

I might like a round with her, if we could cuddle before and after



She looks eager, but I am not at all sure I would be happy with her

Love the lingerie and that’s my kind of paddle, but she is not smiling.