Colonel Mustard In The Kitchen With The Candlestick

Recent comments reminded me that bottoms have strong attachments to particular toys. We also have equally strong aversions to other toys. I am most fond of some wood paddles, but don’t want a hairbrush near my bottom. Bacall has a love affair with belts and leather paddles. She also enjoys lighter wood paddles, but wants nothing to do with hairbrushes.

Aunt Andrea has been recently posting about the various rooms where spankings take place.

This gave me the idea for a post where readers, that’s you, tell where and with what they most like to spanked with.

In the manner of the Clue/Cluedo board game.

Bacall leads off with Sean Connery in the woods spanking her with her holey wood paddle.

I want Bacall to spank me in the study with the principal’s paddle.

How say you??


16 thoughts on “Colonel Mustard In The Kitchen With The Candlestick”

  1. Well, on behalf of the much maligned hairbrush fans out here; in the boudoir with my Lady's old fashioned oval backed bun warmer.

  2. We do have a woodshed so . . . between March and November out in the shed with the strap that hangs there. In the winter . . . down the basement by the fireplace with the same strap.

  3. I'm a bit late to the party, but this is a very sweet idea! So, here we go: For me it would be either “in the bedroom over Ludwig's knee with his hand” or maybe “Ludwig in the study bent over a table with the cane” (with either me or Ludwig being on the receiving end in that situation). 🙂

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