Someone Watching

Hermione commented on another blog:

I’m not sure I would like anyone to watch (me being spanked)
No, I’m VERY sure I wouldn’t want anyone to watch. Unless it was at a spanking party where everyone was being spanked as part of the fun.

Thanks for giving me an idea for a post. I am running out of ideas.


Some of us are exhibitionists, some are not. Some find it a thrill to have their spankings witnessed. I have been asked to be a witness and I have asked others to witness a spanking I was giving. (When the bottom expressed a desire for it)

At the parties we have been to, most spankings were private affairs, but there were always some public spankings sometime over the weekend. Sometimes we would have brat court where the outcomes were predictable. The best part for me is how inventive the gals are in throwing their sisters under the bus.

I see a recurring theme in F/M blogs and stories about having a witness. Many men desire to have a woman to witness their spanking, which are normally of the punishment variety. The presence of a witness is to increase the humiliation factor. A friend of the wife’s, a sister, even Mom’s are frequent mentions.

Since I am not into punishment, a female witness would not humiliate me in the least. In fact, some of my most memorable spankings have been with Bacall and a friend. They both paddled me and they both rubbed me to orgasm. Standing between them, one with a paddle and both rubbing me…well it just does not get better than that.


In other news – It’s only been ten days since Bacall had surgery on her shoulder. Of course, this has put her off the spanking duty roster. She has had OK days and some rotten ones. On one of her better days she asked for a few pops to see if it would jar her shoulder. It didn’t. Saturday she had the idea for me to get on my hands and knees while she stood astride of me and swung a paddle downward with her left hand. Not bad. She wants to practice!

While considering alternate positions, she came up with me over a low hassock. I countered with me standing on the lower step of a folding kitchen ladder.


While Bacall is recovering, it would be nice to have switchy friend over to play. Bacall could be a witness.


Unless some inspiration descends on one of us, the upcoming posts will be rather thin. Of course, we get the most hits from photo posts. Closing in on one million views. One more Chross should put us in range.

12 thoughts on “Someone Watching”

  1. Same as Hermione – I don't think I'd like anyone to watch me being spanked though I think I would like to witness a spanking.

    Good for Bacall.


  2. There is a whole genre called CFNM (clothed female naked male) that is all about that. It sometimes includes F/M spanking.

    Unfortunate about Bacall's shoulder, but better to let it heal. Making her a lefty though might come in handy (ouch! sorry.)

    If you need some material, let me know and I'll kick in a story you could use.


  3. I have seen some of the CFNM stuff. I admit some it is exciting to me, like two or more gals giving a handjob. Woohoo!

    We would welcome one of your stories. Do include links to your site where folks can go for more.

  4. I cross my fingers for Bacall to recover really fast. May there be no bad days any more, only okay days and good days!

    As for exhibitionism: I actually like the idea of being watched at a party or the like when playing. Since we don't do real punishments, it's all just about play, anyway. I wouldn't want anyone to watch any more intimate acts between Ludwig and me, though. And I am more cautious about spanking play with others than Ludwig. Being watched is much easier for me than playing with anyone other than my boyfriend. Especially when I am on the receiving end.

  5. I did a post on it.

    It would have to be someone I didn't know (not even from the blogs) I wouldn't want them to know we were watching. Not staged or not a severe punishment.

    I know I would want to see the expression on her/his face and hear the words spoken.


  6. First, Our Best for Ms. Bacall's quick recovery. And may she have a comfortable recovery. I'm sure that she will back swinging a paddle with her right hand, soon. And just think, after this, she will be able to paddly with either hand.

    As far as witnesses, as you know I was just spanked in front of our entire Wedding party, including the woman who just married us and handed Cora a hairbrush as part of the ceremony. I guess that makes me an attention slut. Proudly!

    Ken (and Cora, too)

  7. I am the anti-exhibitionist. Even at a spanking party, I hate having even a few people milling about while I'm playing. It takes my head out of the scene and just makes me self conscious. I hope Bacall feels better soon!

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