Foto Fantasy Friday #3


Panties Day or Slap My Ass And Call Me Sally



Will We Never Be Crossed Again??

panties - striped

I love striped panties




For those who like white panties with pigtails




A Cheeky Lass



lingerie panties

Maybe something a little more exotic



panties Brains-too

It’s always more fun with a bright lass



slap my ass and call me sally

And Finally

Slap My Ass And Call Me Sally


It’s been awhile since I did a WTF post and these photographs have been aging.

wtf - black socks

First, I poke a little fun at the folks at Punished Brats. I will ignore her Hello Kitty tat and comment on his co-ordinated black shorts, socks and shoes. I give this one the Male Tacky Outfit Award. Did her kitty scratch his arm where the Band-Aid is? Is this why there are so many pro ff spankings, because men dress like geeks.


The next one nada to do with spanking. I just marvel at the wackiness of it.

wft bird


In other news, have you noted the countless candid pictures of young folks spanking one another at Bryan’s? Some say spanking is not mainstream. The pictures he posts tell another story. Here is a sample.






I think Richard Windsor posted these. It seems that paddling still goes on at colleges today.


sorority 33

Check the smiles of the guys holding her legs


sorority 34

Her turn at bat

A Little Switchy

The paddling’s continue. Saturday morning we took a trip to the woodshed. Bacall put on her polka dot, I can take whatever you are giving, panties. I put on something, can’t recall. I choose the Myrtlewood for my backside and Bacall selected her Holey paddle and the Teacher’s paddle. Out the back door we went in our panties and robes carrying our paddles to the woodshed.

She bent over the back of a chair and I started with the Holey paddle. Surprise, before I got very far, she was jumping around saying she was having a sensitive day. I went easy on her and she decided she would pass on the Teacher’s paddle.

When it was my turn, I bent over the same chair and she put some warmth in my backside with the Myrtlewood. It was not that many licks. But, it was enough.



This morning I somehow I got it into my mind that few paddle licks would feel really good. I rolled it over a few times and decided yes, I wanted to feel some wood. I walked into the den where she was and wiggled my bottom at her.  This is like a red flag to a bull. She said she would love to turn my bottom red. I said, With rouge? Off she goes and returns with a makeup brush and rouge. I dropped my pants and she started brushing my backside, asking me if it felt good. I said not so much and that’s when she pulled out the red paddle she had hidden and started in on me. Only 8 licks, but wow. That sucker has not lost a whit of sting over our married life. I enjoyed it.


We are eagerly anticipating the twelve days of Christmas to begin.  The Santa spoon is hanging on the mantel along with the Christmas stockings, which heightens our anticipation. We will refrain from posting other Christmas themed pictures until a few days before the 25th.


merry christmas6


Getting It From The Ladies

Today, I am posting a few pictures that grab my interest in getting my own buns paddled hot.


fm675 She looks like she enjoys and is proud of what she is doing


The next two pictures were recently posted on a popular Blog. He must have filched them from the same place I did. Since he reposts so many more pictures than OBB, he will always be ahead of us. Oh well, they have been in our Drafts folder for sometime so here they are again. I retained the water mark in the second one.



I suspect this is photo shopped. Isn’t she a celebrity? How say you? 


either way Those eyes! I want to switch with her.

Where’s my brain?

Bacall writes:

Sometimes Bogey will make comments and I don’t realize that they are direct requests.  Guess he really needs to say, “this is what I want, understand?”  I think I am much better at saying what I want. [Bogey says, more and more of the time she does not hear a darn thing I say. Hearing aids are imminent]

So with that in mind, yesterday he was disappointed that I missed strong hints. [Not hints, they were quite explicit and said more than once] So I just told him to give me what he wanted; he said I would be sorry.  So he proceeds to rub my bottom with glycerin and then gives me a paddling  with our myrtle wood paddle.  Wow it was really hard.  Double wow. But, Miss Tough Fanny was back!  When he finished, he accused me of holding the “owwww’s” back. I told him that it really wasn’t too hard, so he then puts me over the bed and give me more quick and hard to achieve the “owwww’s”

Today, it was Bogey’s turn. I rubbed glycerin on his bottom and then gave him the same number of pops with the myrtle wood paddle that I received.  They were not wimpy pops either, but he took a very good paddling, accompanied with “owwww’s”.

Maybe I should use this the next time?

Bogey Paste