The Twelve Days Have Begun

The twelve days of Christmas have begun in our house.  Many years ago one of our spanking enthusiast friends made us a Santa spoon.   It hangs on the fireplace between our Christmas stockings.  Our tradition begin yesterday with pops from Santa.  We will always remember Bill and miss him as Bogey pops my bottom just as Bill would want.

Santa Spoon newsanta spoon Getting ready for the twelve days I knew I had three pair of red panties, but what to my surprise but to find seven pair.  Poor Bogey only has four pair, plus a pair of silk boxers with Santa going down the chimney which presents such an exciting bottom to paddle.

Now the dilemma – on odd days, I don’t want a cheek feeling neglected.  So we have decided to give each cheek pops, but at what point do you stop double popping – you know 12 on each cheek would be a lot wouldn’t it?  Don’t you agree with me — please???

If you haven’t tried it, we both recommend paddling at Christmas and it should be in a room that is Christmas decorated.  I must go buy a Christmas decoration for our bedroom, since that is sometimes where you end up after a paddling.


After Santa made his rounds, we discussed him. Either we have changed or Santa has become thuddy. We decided that we will use our red paddle this season.

paddles - ours

8 thoughts on “The Twelve Days Have Begun”

  1. Shame that you did not like Santa's visits so much this year. He looks as though he can deliver quite a resounding smack. 12 on each cheek is not so hard to take particularly when you know you can return the favour.

    Anyway enjoy whatever you do in the run up to Christmas.

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