Getting It From The Ladies

Today, I am posting a few pictures that grab my interest in getting my own buns paddled hot.


fm675 She looks like she enjoys and is proud of what she is doing


The next two pictures were recently posted on a popular Blog. He must have filched them from the same place I did. Since he reposts so many more pictures than OBB, he will always be ahead of us. Oh well, they have been in our Drafts folder for sometime so here they are again. I retained the water mark in the second one.



I suspect this is photo shopped. Isn’t she a celebrity? How say you? 


either way Those eyes! I want to switch with her.

7 thoughts on “Getting It From The Ladies”

  1. The one with the paddle looks familiar, but I don't recognize her as a celebrity. The “Attitude Adjuster” logo on the paddle seems photoshopped though. The second one reminds me of Emily Deschanel of “Bones” fame, only, if possible, even more stunningly gorgeous and sexy. There's another pic of her I've seen coming upstairs with a strap or paddle and a very low-cut bra that reveals even more of her magnificent breasts…

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