Where’s my brain?

Bacall writes:

Sometimes Bogey will make comments and I don’t realize that they are direct requests.  Guess he really needs to say, “this is what I want, understand?”  I think I am much better at saying what I want. [Bogey says, more and more of the time she does not hear a darn thing I say. Hearing aids are imminent]

So with that in mind, yesterday he was disappointed that I missed strong hints. [Not hints, they were quite explicit and said more than once] So I just told him to give me what he wanted; he said I would be sorry.  So he proceeds to rub my bottom with glycerin and then gives me a paddling  with our myrtle wood paddle.  Wow it was really hard.  Double wow. But, Miss Tough Fanny was back!  When he finished, he accused me of holding the “owwww’s” back. I told him that it really wasn’t too hard, so he then puts me over the bed and give me more quick and hard to achieve the “owwww’s”

Today, it was Bogey’s turn. I rubbed glycerin on his bottom and then gave him the same number of pops with the myrtle wood paddle that I received.  They were not wimpy pops either, but he took a very good paddling, accompanied with “owwww’s”.

Maybe I should use this the next time?

Bogey Paste

9 thoughts on “Where’s my brain?”

  1. Yes, water does work and very well. The con is that it is mostly dispersed with one paddle swat. I observed this once when the subject's bottom was well lighted by the sun. Swat! Water went in every direction. I had a mister in the other hand so it was squirt, swat, squirt. While she had a hot bottom, my shirt was rather damp.

    Glycerin sticks to the bottom and for that reason I prefer it.

    A plus is that it makes a decent massage oil.

  2. According to Aunty Andrea at the Spank Shop, baby oil works the same way: it increases and holds in the sting, although she seems to prefer it with a leather paddle or strap.
    Haven't tried it personally… 😉

  3. Seems like the two of you had lots of fun again, Bogey and Bacall! That's great. 🙂

    We've never tried glycerin. But frankly, Ludwig's swats already sting enough without any enhancement! 😉

  4. Love to hear about your paddlings. I guess 'The Couple That Paddles Together, Stays Together' really applies to the two of you.

    Its great to see how happy you two are and how much fun you have with your paddling 'thing'.

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